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tr.v. quan·ti·tat·ed, quan·ti·tat·ing, quan·ti·tates
To determine or measure the quantity of.

[Back-formation from quantitative (analysis).]

quan′ti·ta′tion n.


1. (Biology) the act of quantifying
2. (Medicine) the act of quantifying
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The system also features a breakthrough library quantitation method that saves both time and cost.
This includes comprehensive proteome profiling and quantitation, biomarker discovery and verification, and full characterization of complex biotherapeutics.
For example, in a study on PR hormone status, image cytometric quantitation of PR immunohistochemical staining correlated with disease-free survival; however, visual quantitation of PR immunostaining did not relate to either overall or disease-free survival.
Unique and powerful software and hardware features simplify quantitation, while also identifying more components with increased sensitivity.
The first phase is intended to prove the MIDS technology platform as highly sensitive for the detection and quantitation of magnetic nanoparticles, the fundamental detection principle having been previously proved by the MML Scientists.
Others discuss mechanistic physiologically based pharmacokinetic models in the development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies; integrated quantitation of biotherapeutic drug-target binding, biomarkers, and clinical response to support rational dose regimen selection; target-driven pharmacokinetics; tumor and brain effect site pharmacokinetics; molecular pathology techniques in the preclinical development of therapeutic biologics; labeling and imaging techniques for quantification; how knowledge of ADME of therapeutic proteins in adults facilitates pediatric development; liquid chromatography mass spectrometry vs.
The RF-6000 offers high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of (SNR >1,000 RMS and >350 peak-peak), according to the company, which allows for very low limits of quantitation and achieving quantitation of fluorescein to concentrations of 1 x 10-13 mol/L.
The Agilent 6495 Triple Quadrupole MS/MS provides targeted MRM peptide quantitation at attomole detection levels.
0, a comprehensive high throughput tool to provide support for glycan quantitation using Thermo Scientific[TM] aminoxyTMT[TM] for MS/MS glycan data analysis workflows.
However, EMD Millipore's Direct Detect is a mid-infrared (MIR)-based spectroscopy system for protein quantitation that does not rely on amino acid composition, dye-binding properties or redox potential.
To give you an idea of the 19 topics discussed, here are a couple of abbreviated chapter titles: 1) LC-MS of Screening for Drugs of Abuse and Target Drug Quantitation in Urine and Blood; 2) Quantitation of Tricylic Antidepressants; and 3) Analysis of Selected Anticonvulsants.
From reading this article, MLO readers without a great deal of knowledge of the hemoglobinopathy market may not realize that other traditional (gel electrophoresis, IEF, manual columns) and novel (CE) methodologies are currently being utilized in clinical labs both for Hb quantitation and Hb separation and variant detection.