quantitative analysis

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quantitative analysis

The testing of a substance or mixture to determine the amounts and proportions of its chemical constituents.

quantitative analysis

(Chemistry) See analysis4

quan′titative anal′ysis

1. the analysis of a substance to determine the amounts and proportions of its chemical constituents.
2. Business. the use of esp. computerized mathematical analysis to support decision making, make business forecasts or investment recommendations, etc.

quan·ti·ta·tive analysis

A test performed on a substance or mixture to find out the amounts and proportions of its chemical components.
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Noun1.quantitative analysis - chemical analysis to determine the amounts of each element in the substance
chemical analysis, qualitative analysis - the act of decomposing a substance into its constituent elements
colorimetric analysis, colorimetry - quantitative chemical analysis by color using a colorimeter
volumetric analysis - quantitative analysis by the use of definite volumes of standard solutions or reagents
volumetric analysis - determination of the volume of gases (or changes in their volume) during combination
gravimetric analysis - quantitative analysis by weight
measurement, measuring, mensuration, measure - the act or process of assigning numbers to phenomena according to a rule; "the measurements were carefully done"; "his mental measurings proved remarkably accurate"
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Dust Extractors Market: Report Content Qualitative and quantitative analysis underpin insightful report on the dust extractors market.
Since 2007, Fan has had experience with RVI's Passenger Vehicle Insurance and Analytics business as the head of the Quantitative Analysis team.
Hydrogen within the molecules can be observed and measured with NMR, so even if the molecules are different, the presence of hydrogen means that quantitative analysis is possible.
Similarly, for quantitative analysis, a sample of 100 teachers was randomly selected from one Tehsil of Lahore district who were teaching the above mentioned four subjects at secondary level.
Key words: accuracy; balance; mass; quantitative analysis; weighing liquids; weighing solids.
Recognia offers automated quantitative analysis and engagement solutions for retail online brokers and institutions and their investors and traders.
At Promontory, which has among its clients Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC), Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) and Wells Fargo Bank (NYSE: WBC), Levonian would be focussing on helping banks with quantitative analysis such as model validation and stress testing.
Paired with the industry workhorse CTC auto-sampler, the Advance LC portfolio delivers precision and accuracy required for sustained, high-sensitivity LC-MRM quantitative analysis. In addition, the EVOQ platform features several major innovations:
Online interaction has attracted increasing attention from researchers and, thus, a number of studies have attempted to enhance existing analysis methods for measuring online interaction (Marra, 2006), including quantitative analysis, content analysis, and social network analysis(SNA) methods.
The data were collected using a questionnaire consisting of open-ended questions, and analyzed using qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques.
The award was based on the quantitative analysis of key measures such as total income, net profit, return on assets and annual growth, said a statement.

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