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Noun1.quantity unit - a measure of the quantity of electricity (determined by the amount of an electric current and the time for which it flows)
electromagnetic unit, emu - any of various systems of units for measuring electricity and magnetism
ampere-second, coulomb, C - a unit of electrical charge equal to the amount of charge transferred by a current of 1 ampere in 1 second
abcoulomb - a unit of electrical charge equal to 10 coulombs
ampere-minute - a unit of charge equal to 60 coulombs
ampere-hour - a unit of charge equal to 3600 coulombs
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Small quantity unit pricing is $125, and unit volume production pricing is typically less than $30.
- tum garching, Development measure es 2.2, - trade lwl networking it, Mls and gma technology and telecommunications, - replenishment and renewal of existing edp distributors, - installation of new it distribution boards, Fiber optic cable and fm cable in the underground media channel and cable ducts for connecting the various buildings and sites on the tu site in garching, - lwl quantity unit, - fiber optic cable 10 850 m, - fo splices 860 pieces, - fiber optic patch panels 70 pieces, - edp rack 9-48he 7 pieces, - fm amount unit, - fm cable 1 850 m, - fm distributor 1 piece.