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tr.v. quan·tized, quan·tiz·ing, quan·tiz·es Physics
1. To limit the possible values of (a magnitude or quantity) to a discrete set of values by quantum mechanical rules.
2. To apply quantum mechanics or the quantum theory to.

quan′ti·za′tion (-tĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.quantization - the act of dividing into quanta or expressing in terms of quantum theory
division - the act or process of dividing
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The second edition adds a chapter on phase space quantization and hamiltonians constrained by shape invariance.
The authors in [7] proposed the two-stage quantization with embedded G.
Both Alice and Bob convert their extracted channel measurements into random binary bit sequences by using a quantization algorithm, respectively.
Data acquisition systems quantize the sampled data to generate digital signals with a quantization level that is supported by the ECU.
Guetzli specifically focuses on quantization, which simply means that it uses a technique to compress a range of values to a single quantum value.
If better quality is required, the same adaptation can be employed using modified Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) configuration with higher number of quantization levels [8].
The quantization error was calculated as the average Euclidean distance from the points of the tumor surface to the nearest neuron in the network (BMU).
In terms of the quantization of the filters weights, the system can work with floating-point data [35], fixed-point data [27],[36],[37, 41], Canonical Signed Digit (CDS) [30],[31],[40] or integer data [28],[29],[42],[43], [44],[45].
One of the most important techniques proposed is Quantization Index Modulation (QIM) [12], where watermark embedding is obtained by quantizing the host or input signal with a quantizer level chosen among a full set of quantizers that are each associated with a different message.
Quantized(x) is quantized effect drawing, q is quantization level, [DELTA]q controls the width of quantization range, [q.
Only these two parameters of the system are required to define all the stable quantization states of the gravitationally bound system.
However, the successive mean quantization transform perform an automatic structural breakdown of information and these characteristic make the transform interesting for automatic enhancement of any images [9].