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In 1913, Bohr introduced the Principal Quantum Number to explain the Rydberg Formula for the spectral emission lines of atomic hydrogen.
Nevertheless, there are three types of quantum chaos [13]: quantum chaology that refers to the study of the quantum signatures of classical chaos in the semiclassical or high quantum number regimes; semiquantum chaos, which refers rigorously to chaotic dynamics in semiquantum system; and genuine quantum chaos, which rigorously refers to chaotic behavior in full quantum systems.
In Figure 4 we present results of calculation of six lower energies corresponding to the radial quantum number n = 1 as functions of the magnetic field in nanotubes with the aperture angle tan [alpha] = 0.25 and dimensions [R.sub.b] = 6[a.sup.*.sub.0], [R.sub.t] = 1[a.sup.*.sub.0], H = 20[a.sup.*.sub.0].
The indices a arising from the use of total potential and occurring in the Guseinov [[psi].sup.([alpha])]-ETOs are the frictional quantum number. For the evaluation of multicenter molecular integrals of integer Slater type orbitals (ISTOs) and noninteger Slater type orbitals (NISTOs) appearing in the CHFR approximation, Guseinov derived one-range addition theorems by the use of complete orthonormal sets of Guseinov [[psi].sup.([alpha])]-ETOs [24].
The results obtained in [1-9] data show that in a homogeneous conductive metal conductor structure comprising quantum number n = 1,2,3...
In this notation, M* is the effective mass of the captured charged particle in an orbital state with angular momentum quantum number L.
We also discuss the effects of different detection photon number on the degree of depolarization of QHG beams, and find that, for small detection quantum number, the polarization fluctuations of quantum light propagation through the turbulent atmosphere can no longer be negligible as the case of classical light propagation in the turbulent atmosphere.
In the Vienna experiment, it is theoretically possible to create entanglement regardless of the strength of the angular momentum or the scale of its quantum number.