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 (kwôr′ən-tēn′, kwŏr′-)
a. A condition, period of time, or place in which a person, animal, plant, vehicle, or amount of material suspected of carrying an infectious agent is kept in confinement or isolated in an effort to prevent disease from spreading.
b. An action resulting in such a condition: the government's quarantine of the animals.
a. An action to isolate another nation, such as a blockade of its ports or a severance of diplomatic or trade relations.
b. The condition of being isolated by such an action.
3. Computers The isolation of data or data transmissions in order to keep viruses, worms, or other malware from infecting a computer or computer network.
tr.v. quar·an·tined, quar·an·tin·ing, quar·an·tines
To isolate in quarantine.

[Italian quarantena, from Venetian dialectal Italian, quarantine of a ship (so called because the length of the quarantine was typically forty days), from Old Italian quarantina, period of forty days (such as one designated for fasting or penance), from quaranta, forty, from Latin quadrāgintā; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]

quar′an·tin′a·ble adj.
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Adj.1.quarantined - under forced isolation especially for health reasons; "a quarantined animal"; "isolated patients"
segregated, unintegrated - separated or isolated from others or a main group; "a segregated school system"; "a segregated neighborhood"
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It is said that we shall probably be quarantined at Naples.
Quarantined items (which cannot be transported outside of the quarantine area) include firewood of all hardwood species, and the following ash items: nursery stock; green lumber with bark attached; other material living, dead, cut or fallen including logs, pulpwood, stumps, roots, branches, mulch and composted/un-composted chips (1 inch or greater).
124) Quarantine is only effective when the rights of the quarantined are taken into consideration along with the scientific understanding of the epidemiology of the highly communicable virus or disease.
They had no justification to confine her,'' said Norman Siegel, the prominent New York civil rights attorney Hickox hired while she was quarantined.
A New Jersey resident who has no symptoms but has come into contact with someone with Ebola would be quarantined at home.
Now this brother in Djibouti is charging a huge amount to get the sheep quarantined - over 300 per cent more than he should.
Officials from the KE-tahya Provincial Health Directorate conducted an investigation and recommended that the compound be quarantined.
Bible shows been dipped Two hundred years ago ships from countries hit by epidemics such as plague were quarantined when they arrived in the River Medway in Kent - this was where many vessels from the Mediterranean docked.
Users have access to quarantined e-mail messages in real time, maintaining security protection, and may use Outlook functions such as the built-in search tool to locate specific e-mails.
On May 29, the Chinese Ministry of Health required that each confirmed case-patient and each contact be isolated and quarantined in 1 separate room to contain transmission of the virus (6).
Travelers to China are urged to consider purchasing travel insurance to protect against losses in the event they are quarantined.
Participating teams from countries such as Japan and Korea in the Equestrian competition of The 16th Asian Games will have horses from that originating country quarantined in that country and only after quarantine will the horses then be transported by air to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and then moved directly to the newly renovated Asian Games Equestrian facility in Conghua, a rural farming community located two hours east of downtown Guangzhou.