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quar·ry 1

 (kwôr′ē, kwŏr′ē)
n. pl. quar·ries
a. A hunted animal; prey.
b. Hunted animals considered as a group; game.
2. An object of pursuit: The police lost their quarry in the crowd.

[Middle English querre, entrails of a deer given to hounds as a reward, from Old French cuiriee, alteration (influenced by cuir, skin) of coree, from Vulgar Latin *corāta, viscera, from Latin cor, heart; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.]

quar·ry 2

 (kwôr′ē, kwŏr′ē)
n. pl. quar·ries
1. An open excavation or pit from which stone is obtained by digging, cutting, or blasting.
2. A rich or productive source: found the book an indispensable quarry of information.
tr.v. quar·ried, quar·ry·ing, quar·ries
1. To obtain (stone) from a quarry, as by cutting, digging, or blasting.
2. To extract (facts, for example) by long, careful searching: finally quarried out the genealogy from hundreds of sources.
3. To use (land) as a quarry.

[Middle English quarey, from Medieval Latin quareria, quareia, alteration of Old French quarriere, from *quarre, cut stone, from Latin quadrum, square; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots.]

quar′ri·er n.

quar·ry 3

 (kwôr′ē, kwŏr′ē)
n. pl. quar·ries
1. A square or diamond shape.
2. A pane of glass having this shape.

[Variant of quarrel.]
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(Mining & Quarrying) the extracting of stone from a quarry
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Noun1.quarrying - the extraction of building stone or slate from an open surface quarryquarrying - the extraction of building stone or slate from an open surface quarry
production - (economics) manufacturing or mining or growing something (usually in large quantities) for sale; "he introduced more efficient methods of production"
quarry - extract (something such as stones) from or as if from a quarry; "quarry marble"
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We suggest that the latest quarry pits were abandoned not because they were exhausted but because quarrying at Narcoonowie was interrupted by the impact of pastoral occupation of the Strzelecki/ Innamincka area in the 1870s.
The CHN report failed to explain how contemporary quarrying could ruin the site.
"It's fantastic to see a company like Tarmac encouraging their breeding habits and preserving the wildlife in and around their quarries." Tarmac is the first quarrying company to have biodiversity action plans in place at all of their 120 active quarries across the UK - with Northumberland leading the way in 2007.
"Our aim is to relate the geology to the history of quarrying and to involve local people who remember how quarrying moulded the lives of Mancetter residents in previous decades."
The winning website was launched by the Quarry Products Association to help teachers with an interest in quarrying and geography plan their lessons and to de-mystify what goes on behind the quarry gates.
In the 1980s, Lafarge Meldrum was quarrying 400,000 tonnes of rock annually but those numbers began escalating in the new millennium, once Asia stopped exporting steel to North America.
STRUGGLING farmers are facing environmental protests after turning to mineral quarrying to survive.
The stone is won by conventional largescale quarrying methods including drill and blast, loading and haulage followed by primary crushing, all currently carried out at +520 m level.
Cangrejo also encouraged new applicants to venture into mountain quarrying.
Meanwhile, Councilor Diosdado Mahipus observed that the application for quarrying has been on the agenda items for two years already.
Opponents of quarrying at Cambusbarron's Gillies Hill have resumed campaigning following the emergence of plans for a new access road there.