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Prior to the failure suspected in the Paradise fire which killed 85, a company email noted that PG&E structures in the region were at risk of collapse and the company's own guidelines put Tower 27/222 a quarter-century beyond its useful life but kept the tower up.
But many analysts have said that--apart from the Middle East the past half-dozen years--the world has been much quieter and less violent in the quarter-century since the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991 than in the quarter-century before.
But it may turn out to be only China's quarter-century.
Japan enjoyed a quarter-century of ten percent annual growth in 1955-80 and became, for a while, the world's second-biggest economy.
The John Butlertrained veteran went off the 1-7 favourite to match the quarter-century of wins reached by China Castle in 2001 by landing the seller at Lingfield.
Summary: Dell shareholders have approved a $24.8 billion offer from its founder to buy the company and take it private, ending the struggling computer maker's quarter-century history as a publicly held company.
Reports of chaos in the northern war zone have increased in recent days as the Sri Lankan military pushed forward with its offensive to destroy the rebel group and end the Indian Ocean island nation's bloody quarter-century civil war.
Redknapp's Portsmouth travel to Villa Park today as he reaches a quarter-century in the dug-out and the 61-year-old recalled: "A few years ago I could have got Reo-Coker and another player (Jobi McAnuff) for a combined pounds 250,000.
This is sad because the past quarter-century will go down as a kind of historic golden period of prosperity, both for wealth creation and poverty reduction (See "Today's Golden Age of Poverty Reduction" in the Spring 2006 issue of The International Economy.) Some time in the 1980s, a paradigm shift occurred in the United States toward a more free-market form of capitalism.
After wearing a Navy uniform for the past quarter-century, Franciscan Fr.
Although we have now passed the quarter-century milepost of the AIDS epidemic, the animus toward people with HIV/AIDS has not abated in the United States.
"We're pleased to present our inaugural award to Judge Rodgers in recognition of his quarter-century of legal and community service," said Charles B.