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Noun1.quarter-circle - a quarter of the circumference of a circle
line - a spatial location defined by a real or imaginary unidimensional extent
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Your "arc" should be no more than a quarter-circle, depending on the size of the herd and the size of the space.
Make several marks denoting the radius length from the upper-right corner to create a quarter-circle.
Students then took a quarter-circle stencil and traced the curve onto their folded paper.
There's a small green touch-sensitive button below the screen, and tapping this with the pen brings up a small quarter-circle in the bottom-right corner.
Across the way was the triumphant ugly duckling of the show: Fraiche commeune rose (curvature with two connection parts) (Fresh as a Rose), a quarter-circle arc that swept counterclockwise from ceiling to floor, formed by three Styrofoam parts connected by two homely wads of spray polyurethane foam, a DIY material that dries instantly, freshly freezing moments of random form--much like marbling ink pulled out of water.
Right after it was built, snow started to build up on the lower quarter-circle (there was a 3-foot-wide gutter at the bottom).
The train loops around six huge arches in a quarter-circle, before plunging into an opening in a huge rock face to enter the 216-metre Landwasser Tunnel.
Each plot is sprinkler-irrigated by four quarter-circle pop-up spray heads that are typical in residential irrigation systems.
For hooks, you copy the motion of your fighter's arms with the right analog stick, which is the equivalent of a quarter-circle rotation, left or right.
The church is a huge edifice, built in the shape of a quarter-circle with a glass dome in the roof, yet half an hour before the
A ceramic-fronted, marble-topped, quarter-circle counter fits neatly across the corner of the room, which is virtually identical to the photograph in Craven Dunnill's 1902 brochure, which flaunted the Shropshire ceramic company's expertise.