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Noun1.quarter-tone - half of a semitone
musical interval, interval - the difference in pitch between two notes
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Ponc, a pupil of Alois Halm, employed the quarter-tone piano and harmonium in the suite, whose sections serve as a sort of guide through the walk "around Prague" between 1922 and 1937.
Pioneered by Lebanese composers like Ziad Rahbani and Toufic Farroukh, "Oriental jazz" -- the melding of Western jazz instrumentation and modalities with the quarter-tone scale of eastern music -- continues to be explored by younger performers like vocalist Rima Khcheich and contrabassist Tony Overwater, her principal instrumentalist.
Lehman's one-then-two- then-more arpeggios and quarter-tone tremolos were the least of the mesmerizing effects flowing from his sax's bell.
AoThe band has been continually filtering new sounds and instrumental textures from its travels: Quarter-tone melodies from Indian classical music, South African dancers doing a dance-stomp in gumboots, Argentine tango, a Vietnamese harp-like implement.
The work uses two sections of string players, with one section's strings tuned a quarter-tone apart from the other.
His works are certainly understood, particularly Ramifications for two groups of strings tuned a quarter-tone apart - interesting how much of this year's Festival features string works - and Six Bagatelles for Wind Quintet.
That's how we first heard the wedding songs sung in a unique quarter-tone manner and the hair-raising ghost stories that inspired Yara's Circle in 2000--and how a wolf hunter introduced us to animal calls that gave rise to Howling in 2002.
In this system an octave is divided into 24 intervals of approximately a quarter-tone (each about 50 cents).
The double concerto for flute, oboe and orchestra is equally engaging, as is Ramifications (1968-69), which is a quarter-tone piece for 12 solo strings.
Other compositional problems recur throughout the work--the early impressionism gives way to a bizarre collection of technical requests, including badly written and unidiomatic artificial harmonics, pizzicato notes, and quarter-tone temperament.
Not only do most proponents of just intonation, motivated by their beliefs about dissonance to renounce traditional equal temperament, reject other types of non-just microtonal music as well, such as quarter-tone music, (14) but they are also implicitly--though not outwardly--at odds with all non-just music, of any kind.
Rumi and other Middle Eastern poets provide some lyrics, while Loga plays a unique quarter-tone guitar with movable frets, creating music that haunts like a muezzin's call to evening prayers.