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1. A smooth-surfaced wall with a curved base used for performing stunts in sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding.
2. A sports event in which a quarterpipe serves as the area of competition.
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These disciplines include, but are not limited to freestyle, speed and style, step up, quarterpipe and parallel freestyle.
The Swiss FMX star pulled a Backflip Superman Indy over the quarterpipe on his last run of the evening.
This is a snowboarder s paradise where even in summer freestyle snowboarders can enjoy the thrills of a halfpipe quarterpipe, various jumps and rails.
Because of that, the 30-year-old Hoffman set the world record for the highest air on a BMX bike, reaching 26 1/2 feet above the deck of a 24-foot-tall quarterpipe.
Tonnes of snow have been dumped on site to create the country's biggest ever curved arena - or quarterpipe - where daredevils are thrilling the crowds with flips, grabs and super-fast backslides.
A: Phil Shao at Tampa '96 skating the quarterpipe to vert wall.