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1. A smooth-surfaced wall with a curved base used for performing stunts in sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding.
2. A sports event in which a quarterpipe serves as the area of competition.
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I remember seeing him at a CASL contest back in the day, doing the most stylish frontside flips on the quarterpipe every try and these late frontside ollies so clean on the smallest board and 48mm wheels.
A: Phil Shao at Tampa '96 skating the quarterpipe to vert wall.
Yeah, from the ramp there's a little living area and they made a Skatelite pathway to the shower and in the shower they made a quarterpipe and it's so fun.
That little-ass quarterpipe? Nah, dog, it ain't going down like that.
And I just collapsed into a little ball halfway up the quarterpipe and ended up bouncing off the wall up to the top where the coping was and catching air and then falling back down.
It just had a volcano and a little quarterpipe which was the first thing I ever dropped in on.
You got to help build a Gonz circular board and drop in on a four-foot quarterpipe in western wear.
If anybody saw the video that came out, the Israel video, you'll see that we're skating this sick natural quarterpipe spot.
If you have a one-foot quarterpipe or something like that but I'm not trying to get smoked in my backyard.
This "perfect" endless quarterpipe has been hidden since its construction the early 1900s, but was recently spotted by a drone.
Tonnes of snow have been dumped on site to create the country's biggest ever curved arena - or quarterpipe - where daredevils are thrilling the crowds with flips, grabs and super-fast backslides.
There was a quarterpipe at the Grey Door that was fun.