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n. pl. quar·ter·staves (-stāvz′)
A long wooden staff formerly used as a weapon.
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n, pl -staves (-ˌsteɪvz; -ˌstɑːvz)
1. (Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a stout iron-tipped wooden staff about 6ft long, formerly used in England as a weapon
2. (Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) the use of such a staff in fighting, sport, or exercise
[C16: of uncertain origin]
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(ˈkwɔr tərˌstæf, -ˌstɑf)

n., pl. -staves (-ˌsteɪvz)
1. a stout pole 6 to 8 ft. (1.8 to 2.4 m) long, tipped with iron: formerly used as a weapon.
2. exercise or fighting with such poles.
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Noun1.quarterstaff - a long stout staff used as a weapon
staff - a strong rod or stick with a specialized utilitarian purpose; "he walked with the help of a wooden staff"
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[ˈkwɔːtəstɑːf] N (Hist) → barra f
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Wrestling matches, in the different fashions of Cornwall and Devonshire, were seen here and there about the market-place; in one corner, there was a friendly bout at quarterstaff; and -- what attracted most interest of all -- on the platform of the pillory, already so noted in our pages, two masters of defence were commencing an exhibition with the buckler and broadsword.
Now and then they stopped to rest, and each thought that he never had seen in all his life before such a hand at quarterstaff. At last Robin gave the stranger a blow upon the ribs that made his jacket smoke like a damp straw thatch in the sun.
Mathias Maloff has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago, with certifications in various forms of stage combat, including dagger, sword, and quarterstaff. He has choreographed combat scenes for a variety of theatre companies, and served as an Entertainment Host for Carnival Cruise Lines.
It describes how breath is a key component in fight sequences, how to use intention and focus, vocal aspects during a sequence, and acting-based choices during a fight scene, with examples of stage combat techniques from unarmed, single sword, single rapier, quarterstaff, knife, and broadsword disciplines, as well as exercises in each chapter.
The Sheriff of Nottingham - better known as sword-fighter teacher Mark Vance - will also be on hand at the family festival to show bands of merry young visitors how to handle a sword while his colleague will demonstrate how skills with a quarterstaff made Friar Tuck such a formidable adversary.
"This one was very welcome as my last winner was Quarterstaff at Kelso in the spring of 2003.
He hadn't savoured a success of any description since Quarterstaff won a chase at Kelso in April, 2003.
Up at Perth, Quarterstaff (3.45) can confirm Kelso form with Hallyards Gael even though Len Lungo's top-weight was going like a winner when unshipping Tony Dobbin two out.
Darlington-based Chris Wilson, who has held a jumping licence for 18 months, sent out his second winner when Quarterstaff, who is owned by his wife Julie, took the Tote Exacta Novices' Handicap under conditional Vinnie Keane.
It smacks of cudgel-play, of quarterstaff, of wrestling, of honest fisticuffs.
Quarterstaff was returning from a break when collared close home by Robbo at Carlisle where the pair where five lengths clear of previous course winner Red Rampage.
Dempsey sent Left Bank into the lead approaching the final fence and kept him right up to his work to hold the renewed challenge of Quarterstaff by three-quarters of a length.