quartic polynomial

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Noun1.quartic polynomial - a polynomial of the fourth degree
multinomial, polynomial - a mathematical function that is the sum of a number of terms
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In [8] the existence and uniqueness problem of solution in periodic quartic polynomial spline histopolation (m = 4) is stated generally but solved only for the uniform grid.
For example, the 1st-order differentiation data point using a quartic polynomial and the 6 sampled data is given by
Following [14] for a Quartic polynomial, P(x) = [a.sub.0] + [a.sub.1] x + [a.sub.2] [x.sup.2] + [a.sub.3] [x.sup.3] + [a.sub.4][x.sup.4].
Since the larger values of [R.sup.2] and [R.sup.2.sub.adj] and the smaller values of RE and RMSE indicate a better fitness of the RS models, it is found that compared to other response functions the quartic polynomial functions provide the best approximation on the column's responses and therefore should be used for optimum design.
A linear, quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomial was then fitted successively to the data.
Han [3] constructed a kind of piecewise quartic polynomial curves with a local shape parameter.
Along the path of [alpha] = 0[degrees], the values of f at five crack depths are calculated through (5), and a quartic polynomial is fitted (Figure 15).