quartz oscillator

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Noun1.quartz oscillator - an oscillator that produces electrical oscillations at a frequency determined by the physical characteristics of a piezoelectric quartz crystal
oscillator - generator that produces sonic oscillations or alternating current
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The "low-jitter" Si-MEMS oscillator has better performance, but the quartz oscillator is by far more stable.
To solve this problem, a quartz oscillator at the remote location keeps the time steady between round trips.
4, this trial indicated that the replacement of the crystal created a higher frequency drift with temperature: 720 Hz for 16.384 MHz quartz oscillator, compared to only 204 Hz for the original 26 MHz oscillator.
This condition is achieved by using one common high stable source of reference frequency [f.sub.RO] based on a precision quartz oscillator.
Finally, to make the output of an atomic clock usable, the frequency of the locked quartz oscillator would need to be divided into frequencies low enough to use for timekeeping.
An extremely stable quartz oscillator, that ticks like a modern wrist-watch but at a very high frequency, was launched into space, together with a complete laser system (for purposes of comparison).
The frequency change [DELTA] [f.sub.1] of the fundamental mode of the quartz oscillator is principally related with the protein mass [[DELTA].sub.m] adsorbed on the quartz surface by the Sauerbrey equation:
India, July 5 -- Creative Materials has manufactured electrically conductive and electrically insulating adhesives for quartz oscillator circuits.
Electronics parts maker Murata Manufacturing dropped 40 yen, or almost 1 percent, to 4,400 yen after saying Thursday it will buy shares in quartz oscillator and filter maker Tokyo Denpa Co.
Hsu clarified some of the differences between achievable quartz oscillator performance and the current state of MEMS devices.
Soon, however, the billion-dollar high-performance temperature-compensated quartz oscillator market (the ones in mobile handsets and GPS traits) should open up.
Modern electronics commonly rely on the vibration of a quartz crystal in an oscillation circuit as a "timing belt" While not resulting in physical damage, an inaccurate or defective quartz oscillator can cause malfunction of the electronic device and the systems it controls.