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 (kwā′zī′, kwä′zē)
Having a likeness to something; resembling: a quasi success.

[Middle English, as if, from Old French, from Latin : quam, as; see kwo- in Indo-European roots + , if; see swo- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈkweɪzaɪ; -saɪ; ˈkwɑːzɪ)
as if; as it were
[from Latin, literally: as if]


(ˈkweɪ zaɪ, -saɪ, ˈkwɑ si, -zi)

resembling; seeming; virtual: a quasi member.
[1905–10; independent use of quasi-]


a combining form meaning “resembling,” “having some, but not all of the features of”: quasi-definition; quasi-scientific.
[< Latin quasi as if, as though =qua(m) as + if]
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Adj.1.quasi - having some resemblance; "a quasi success"; "a quasi contract"
similar - marked by correspondence or resemblance; "similar food at similar prices"; "problems similar to mine"; "they wore similar coats"
References in classic literature ?
I ventured to offer to the learned among them a conjecture of my own, that Laputa was QUASI LAP OUTED; LAP, signifying properly, the dancing of the sunbeams in the sea, and OUTED, a wing; which, however, I shall not obtrude, but submit to the judicious reader.
It runs: -- Vondervotteimittis -- Vonder, lege Donder -- Votteimittis, quasi und Bleitziz- Bleitziz obsol: -- pro Blitzen.
upon my left heel, that thou mayst quasi vestigiis nostris
Toog struck and choked her repeatedly until finally, half unconscious, she lapsed into quasi submission.
To address this problem, Kirkstall developed the Quasi Vivo System, which consists of interconnected cell-culture chambers and a peristaltic pump to create a continuous flow of media over cells.
Of course, in a bigger or more degree, one can consider the neutrosophic cybernetic system (quasi or approximate control mechanism, quasi information processing and quasi information reaction), and similarly the neutrosophic chaos theory, neutrosophic catastrophe theory, or neutrosophic complexity theory.
In a statement yesterday, the BSP said dividend declaration is ultimately the responsibility of the banks and quasi banks, and its board of directors.
Then the pair (X, U) is said to be an L-Fuzzy quasi uniform space.
Capelo: Variational and Quasi Variational Inequalities, Wiley, London, 1984.
The affirmative influences explain the property element of quasi-property, while the negative ones account for the quasi element.
A function f: X [right arrow] Y is said to be quasi sg-open if the image of every sg-open set in X is open in Y.
During a medical examination at the hospital, Quasi was asked to strip off.