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(Law) denoting or relating to powers and functions similar to those of a judge, such as those exercised by an arbitrator, administrative tribunal, etc
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(ˌkweɪ zaɪ dʒuˈdɪʃ əl, ˌkweɪ saɪ-, ˌkwɑ si-, -zi-)

pertaining to or exercising powers or functions that resemble those of a court or a judge: a quasi-judicial agency.
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Although local governments are not likely to require formal due process even for quasi-judicial hearings, they must at least assure a process that prevents blatant abuse of ex parte communication and bias by lawmakers.
Regina, SK -- Human Rights Commissions are not the only quasi-judicial bodies that currently rule the roost in Canada.
The quasi-judicial US International Trade Commission (ITC) has rejected their appeal for relief from punitive tariffs on account of last winter's tsunami.
"The Equality Tribunal is an impartial quasi-judicial forum which mediates or decides claims of alleged discrimination.
In this essay, we examine the role of new governance processes in public administration and public management and explore the existing public and administrative legal infrastructure that supports the use of these processes in both quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial settings.
The ITC, a quasi-judicial federal agency, gave a final ruling on the case, overturning a preliminary ruling issued last August by the Commerce Department to slap an antidumping duty of 22.52 percent on engines made by Yamaha Motor Co.
The court found that the healthcare monitor position that was created under the medical settlement agreement was not a special master for the purposes of PLRA, where the position served a monitoring function and did not exercise quasi-judicial power.
If that doesn't work, you can sometimes employ quasi-judicial solutions, such as arbitration.
Even though under Connecticut law the physicians were entitled to absolute immunity for statements made in connection with quasi-judicial proceedings, the court determined that the legislature had modified this rule when it enacted the state's health care provider reporting statute and that this modification controlled.
Bowen argued that the committee was a quasi-judicial body exempt under the FOI law and free to discuss procedural matters in executive session.
Adam would also like to see the "frustratingly slow" investigative procedures sped up and more rigorous rules of evidence applied in CITT hearings, a quasi-judicial process he calls "biased" against Canadian complaints.

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