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Adj.1.quasi-religious - resembling something that is religious
sacred - concerned with religion or religious purposes; "sacred texts"; "sacred rites"; "sacred music"
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Grant that an actor's 'job is to entertain and not to practice some weird, quasi-religious experience.'
The Sikhs' turban and the Jews' kippah have quasi-religious significance.
He quotes Gray saying the humanist conviction that we control our own destiny is a dangerous "quasi-religious illusion" and that we should "seek counsel in the myths and allegories of religion rather than in the axioms of rationalist philosophy." Seriously?
By talking about Hindutva that embraces Muslims and by trying to recast the RSS as an outfit that is for all Indians, and not just restricted to a very narrow definition of a quasi-religious organisation in terms of its constricted worldview, the wily Bhagwat has sent out a dog-whistle to the primarily apolitical, secular section of the electorate that had bought into Narendra Modi's development pitch in 2014.
After all, not even the actual Virgin Birth was anticipated with the kind of quasi-religious fervour reserved for this maudlin triumph of style over substance.
Ryu was a chairwoman of the Chondoist Chongu Party, a quasi-religious utopian peasant movement that has co-existed in an uneasy alliance with the ruling Workers' Party since World War II.
The Seattle Symphony under its Music Director Ludovic Morlot delivers impressive performances of these two quasi-religious works by the devout French master Olivier Messiaen, both to texts penned by the composer.
To many of the franchise's ardent fans, this is an event of quasi-religious significance.
MOBS have rampaged across an Indian town, leaving 28 people dead and buildings in flames, after a court declared a quasi-religious sect leader guilty of raping two of his followers, according to officials.
Greco-Roman philosophy functioned as a quasi-religious outlook for many, and played a decisive role in the evolution of religion in the classical and Hellenistic period.
Out goes the agitated disco and punk funk that made them Indie cult heroes and in comes a smooth electronica with quasi-religious reflections.