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Adj.1.quasi-royal - having the power but not the rank or title of a king; "one of the quasi-royal rulers of Africa"
crownless, uncrowned - not (especially not yet) provided with a crown; "the uncrowned king"
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It was also true of Liutberga's patron Gisla (daughter of the quasi-royal Saxon chieftain Hessi).
It was Coleen's dream to have a quasi-royal wedding, but in these cash-strapped times her fairytale has turned into something that looks obscene and insulting (what the New and Improved Coleen would have been avoiding like the plague).
Although Elizabeth was happy to let the Cecils bear the running costs of such lavish buildings (Theobalds had expanded to cover no less than five separate courtyards by 1585), James's covetous eye meant that Theobalds soon shared the fate of the other great quasi-royal palaces built by private individuals during the sixteenth century--Holdenby and Cardinal Wolsey's earlier York Place and Hampton Court--and was transferred to the crown in 1607.
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