quasi-stellar object

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qua·si-stel·lar object

 (kwā′zī-stĕl′ər, kwä′zē-)
A quasar.

quasi-stellar object

(Celestial Objects) a member of any of several classes of astronomical bodies, including quasars (strong radio sources) and quasi-stellar galaxies (no traceable radio emission), both of which have exceptionally large red shifts. Abbreviation: QSO
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The conceptual Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer highlighted during the movie utilizes the energy of nearby Quasi-Stellar Objects (QSOs) to create instant propulsion, displaying future-forward technology befitting its alien design.
Quasars are quasi-stellar objects, from which light is extremely shifted toward the red [1-5].
Astronomers describe 12 strange celestial objects that appear sometimes starlike and sometimes galaxy-like as quasars, for quasi-stellar objects (5/9/64, p.

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