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 (kwā′zī-pär′tĭ-kəl, kwä′zē-)
Any of various discrete physical phenomena, such as phonons, that can be modeled as particles and can be induced by the interaction of conventional particles.
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Noun1.quasiparticle - a quantum of energy (in a crystal lattice or other system) that has position and momentum and can in some respects be regarded as a particle
quantum - (physics) the smallest discrete quantity of some physical property that a system can possess (according to quantum theory)
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In this connection, it is possible that in the near future the next stage in the evolution of the world electronics will be <<optoelectronics>> in which a quantum quasiparticle without a rest mass appears as a photon, a much more mobile and less inertial in its physical nature, a representative of the microworld than a free electron (<<a hole>>) in a semiconductor crystal of solid-state electronics.
VSim functionality includes high-order methods, electron emission-both primary and secondary from cut-cell surfaces, dispersion control, sputtering, collisions, field ionization, and quasiparticle propagation.
Previously, Professor Lemeshko proposed a new quasiparticle that drastically simplifies the mathematical description of such rotating molecules, and earlier this year he showed that this quasiparticle, the angulon, can explain observations that had been collected over 20 years.
1997) Observation of the e/3 fractionally charged Laughlin quasiparticle.
A quasiparticle forms when the collective behavior of particles in a material creates a disturbance that behaves like a single particle (SN: 10/18/14, p.
Implementation of the finite amplitude method for the relativistic quasiparticle random-phase approximation Phys.
The first volume, Current Developments, reviews the present status of research on quasiparticle dynamics, collective excitation, heterogeneous electron transfer, photoinduced modification of materials and applications of novel techniques to study the dynamics of solids and interfaces.
Quasiparticle interference, in which particle-like behavior disappears as a result of defects in a material, creates standing waves and promotes superconductivity (Moler, 2010).
The proliferation of the deconfined pole-antipole pairs produces a quasiparticle gas of magnetic charges whose behavior can be visualized as a magnetic plasma [22].
The purpose of this book is to acquaint readers familiar with quantum statistical mechanics with methods of modern mathematical physics developed in connection with polaron theory, a polaron being a quasiparticle composed of a change and its accompanying polarization field.
They found that when the quasiparticle density was reduced by 70 percent, the lifespan of the qubits was improved three-fold.
It is assumed that a quasiparticle cannot carry a substance.