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The 15th-century period of Italian art and literature.

[Italian, short for (mil) quattrocento, one thousand four hundred : quattro, four (from Latin quattuor; see kwetwer- in Indo-European roots) + cento, hundred (from Latin centum; see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots).]
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(ˌkwætrəʊˈtʃɛntəʊ; Italian kwattroˈtʃɛnto)
(Historical Terms) the 15th century, esp in reference to Renaissance Italian art and literature
[Italian, shortened from milquattrocento 1400]
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(ˌkwɑ troʊˈtʃɛn toʊ, -trə-)

n. (often cap.)
the 15th century, used in reference to the Italian art and literature of that time.
[1870–75; < Italian, short for mil quattro cento 1400, occurring in the names of all the years from 1400 to 1499]
quat`tro•cen′tist, n.
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Noun1.quattrocento - the 15th century in Italian art and literature
century - a period of 100 years
Renaissance, Renascence - the period of European history at the close of the Middle Ages and the rise of the modern world; a cultural rebirth from the 14th through the middle of the 17th centuries
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Among the topics are Salmacis, Hermaphrodite, and the inversion of gender: allegorical interpretations and pictorial representations of an Ovidian myth; lamenting, dancing, praising: the multilayered presence of nymphs in Florentine elegiac poetry of the Quattrocento; Renaissance nymphs as intermediaries in early modern German territorial politics; the medialilty of the nymph in the cultured context of Pirro Visconti's villa at Lainate; and our white ladies on the graves: historicizations of nymphs in early modern antiquarianism.
"Alberti e la nuova direzione dell'umanesimo rinascimentale" is a general analysis of the new direction in Quattrocento humanism inaugurated by Alberti, especially the ability to appreciate texts of every type, including technical treatises, works of humor, and books by 'bad' writers that are nevertheless useful for the wisdom they contain.
2 at Galleria Quattrocento in Bonifacio Global City.
In a field as extraordinarily fecund as Quattrocento Florence, the role of women as patrons of art has been notably absent from the historiography.
This volume, Part D, of the Backpack edition begins with chapter 14 and page 400, and covers late Medieval Italy, late Medieval and early Renaissance northern Europe, Quattrocento Italy, mannerism in Cinquecento Italy, high Renaissance and mannerism in northern Europe and Spain, the Baroque in Italy and Spain, and the Baroque in northern Europe.
La ricostruzione storica dell'eta degli incunaboli si arricchisce con la pubblicazione di quest'antologia di sette scritti composti negli ultimi decenni del Quattrocento, aventi come oggetto l'esaltazione e--soprattutto--la demonizzazione della stampa (novita la cui scoperta si puo porre idealmente in sintonia con un altro cambiamento epocale di cui s'intravede oggi l'inizio, grazie alia diffusione dell'e-book).
1.10 Cheltenham Sporting (50:25:10) 12-15 Time For Spring, 11-14 Stewarts House, 9-12 Barrel Of Laughs, 8-11 Estates Recovery, Swing Bill, Bai Zhu, Bescot Springs, Somatic, 7-9 Sound Stage, 6-8 Pigeon Island, 4-6 Quattrocento, 2-4 Fort View, Masked Man, Frosted Grape Match bet Estates Recovery/Bescot Springs - 0.75-0.75.
Also successful at the Showcase meeting, QUATTROCENTO looks good in the opening Irish Times Amateur Riders' Handicap Chase (1.15), while, after Channel 4's cameras have gone off air, REVE DE SIVOLA can land the concluding Steel Plate And Sections Novices' Chase (4.05).
RoddyOwenjoint owner wit h Paul Fullager of Quattrocento, trained by Peter Bowen at Haverfordwest, and which won the amateur riders' race at Cheltenham last Friday had plenty to smile about as he backed the horse during the morning of the race at odds of 25-1, 20-1 and 18-1.Well ridden by leading Irish amateur rider Michael Fogarty, the French-bred Quattrocento was returned at odds of 14-1.
Silver Prelude (3.40 Lingfield, nap), Master Of The Hall (2.05 Newbury, nb), Wymott (1.40 Newcastle), Quattrocento (2.15 Newcastle).
NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.10 Quwetwo (nb), 1.40 Wymott, 2.15 Quattrocento, 2.50 Toulouse Express, 3.25 Instant Shot, 4.00 Bogside Theatre