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1. The rank or state of being a queen.
2. A noble or regal quality, as of a queen.
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1. the state of being a queen
2. a respectful title for a queen
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She reads the earlier play both as a celebration of Elizabeth's queenship and, at the same time, as a text that reveals "the problems attendant upon female rule" (39).
Under the neat label 'Transgression and Pathology', are classed the contributions of such practitioners as Thomas Harris of The Silence of the Lambs, and voluble Hannibal Lecter, James Ellroy, who wears The Black Dahlia in his fly-button-hole, and Patricia Cornwell, Ripper hunter extraordinaire, tres, sharing the queenship of the morgue with her legally knife-plying protagonist, Kay Scarpetta, who reads the corpse as text.
Matilda of Scotland: A Study in Medieval Queenship. Woodbridge: Boydell P, 2003.
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Queenship and Sanctity: The Lives of Mathilda and the Epitaph of Adelheid.
Beginning with a brief review of previous work, from Frankfort's dismissal of the importance of the king's mother to Janosi's study of the tombs of the queens, Roth goes on to characterize the role of the royal mothers as "Vertreterinnen eines Teilaspekts dieses Konigtums" and underlines the importance of this period as background for the better-documented queenship of the New Kingdom.
The notion that women rulers in particular stir up gender trouble is at the crux of Barbara Weissberger's absorbing book, Isabel Rules: Constructing Queenship, Wielding Power.
Her chapter on Hamlet, subtitled "Queenship, Succession, and Revenge Tragedy," presents an excellent example of this dual astuteness.
They found this to be another contrast to the model of holy queenship described in Mathilde's life.
Volume VIII of "Prepare for the Great Tribulation and the Era of Peace," put out by tiny Queenship Publishing Company in Santa Barbara, Calif., reached number six on the Catholic bestsellers list, compiled by the Catholic Book Publishers Association.
tomorrow at the Mary the Queen Parish in Greenhills, San Juan City, in solemn celebration of the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, a corollary of the Marian Dogma of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which was observed last Aug.

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