queer bird

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Noun1.queer bird - someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
unusual person, anomaly - a person who is unusual
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Shakespeare cites Clement Attlee's judgment: "Queer bird, Halifax, very humorous, all hunting and Holy Communion."
This, in spite of the rumor that he was also somewhat of a queer bird himself because he had the habit of waking up early every Friday with green feathers on his crest.
It involves queer looks, a strange way of looking at the world for hidden relationships and points of contact: a schizophrenic re-mapping, focusing on the notion of queer birds; perhaps a bird's eye view of the world or a queer, bird-centric Weltanschauung, where words and sounds can merge and diverge and dissolve and, eventually, solve (riddles, mysteries, paradoxes).