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Noun1.queer bird - someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
unusual person, anomaly - a person who is unusual
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2) Linguistic, and particularly lexicological, analysis of queer bird and animal epithets reveals manifestations in the Greater Hispanic Caribbean (pajaro/pajara or bird, pato/pata or duck, mariposa or butterfly, and mariquita or ladybug, used with varied frequency in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela), in Brazil (bicha or female animal, veado/viado or deer, and frango/franga and galinha or chicken, in addition to the non-animal term puto, the masculine version of puta or female prostitute, which is in common usage in Mexico and Argentina), (3) in the United States (the phrase queer duck), in England (duckie), and in Yiddish feygele, the diminutive of a woman's proper name but also meaning little bird).
According to the Hypertext Webster Gateway, "queer duck" (noun) is defined as "someone regarded as eccentric or crazy"; the site offers the following synonyms for the term: kook, odd fellow, odd fish, queer bird.
This, in spite of the rumor that he was also somewhat of a queer bird himself because he had the habit of waking up early every Friday with green feathers on his crest.