queer duck

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Noun1.queer duck - someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
unusual person, anomaly - a person who is unusual
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Concluye este ensayo con un analisis de los dibujos animados judio-americanos llamados Queer Duck y el libro para ninos llevado a la pantalla por HBO tambien como dibujos animados, The Sissy Duckling.
Theater 13 - "Bottom Feeder": An amoral criminal makes his rounds, finding anger, frustration and violence at every turn (37 minutes); "Queer Duck: The Movie": Feature-length animated musical about Queer Duck and his gay animal pals (73 minutes).
The four-times Emmy winner Mike Reiss, who also wrote the Ice Age films, will present his film Queer Duck screened at this year's event.
In the United States, queer duck is an everyday phrase used to identify strangeness; "queer," logically, also has associations with homosexuality, first as an insult and now as a word that has been reappropriated and resemanticized by activists, academics, artists, and even by popular and mass culture, as in the case of the program Queer as Folk (transmitted on Showtime) and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (shown on Bravo).
Given the dilemma, I do not expect this queer duck of pseudogovernance-a private club for deal-making among the most powerful interests, portrayed as a public institution searching for international "consensus"-to survive.
It would be the first, but not the last time that the ugly dyckling would feel the infinite fear and sadness toward her life reflected on the face of another queer duck traveling incognito.
After seeing any number of funny three-minute Saturday Night Live sketches getting stretched into painfully unfunny and repetitive full-length films, it's a relief to report that Queer Duck has survived the transition from Internet shorts to DVD movie with laughs intact.
At that point, [Showtime was] developing a whole gay network and Queer Duck was going to be like their NBC peacock," said Reiss.