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Noun1.queer duck - someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
unusual person, anomaly - a person who is unusual
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Theater 13 - "Bottom Feeder": An amoral criminal makes his rounds, finding anger, frustration and violence at every turn (37 minutes); "Queer Duck: The Movie": Feature-length animated musical about Queer Duck and his gay animal pals (73 minutes).
The four-times Emmy winner Mike Reiss, who also wrote the Ice Age films, will present his film Queer Duck screened at this year's event.
In the following pages, I will discuss some of these queer animal metaphors, focusing on lexical aspects, on the analysis of eight Puerto Rican (island and diasporic) cultural productions, and on an American Internet cartoon and motion picture (Queer Duck) and a children's book and animated film (Harvey Fierstein's The Sissy Duckling).
Queer Duck: The Movie (Paramount): From the writer of The Simpsons and creator of The Critic comes this hilariously irreverent movie about a flaming foul (played by Jim J.
Veteran "Simpsons" genius Mike Reiss, who created and wrote "Queer Duck," maintains a lively pace that never grows frenetic, and director-animator Xeth Feinberg's crude, flat, outrageous-looking but never stiff design creates a "Rocky & Bullwinkle"-like interplay between witty words and pleasingly abstract characters.
Showtime cable network has announced the addition of the cartoon series "Queer Duck," which will be shown immediately after its breakout homosexuality-themed series "Queer as Folk." The new animated series portrays the picaresque adventures of its title character and his "companion" Openly Gator, as well as his friends Bi-Polar Bear and Oscar Wildcat.
Given the dilemma, I do not expect this queer duck of pseudogovernance-a private club for deal-making among the most powerful interests, portrayed as a public institution searching for international "consensus"-to survive.
Get out of their way." It would be the first, but not the last time that the ugly dyckling would feel the infinite fear and sadness toward her life reflected on the face of another queer duck traveling incognito.
After seeing any number of funny three-minute Saturday Night Live sketches getting stretched into painfully unfunny and repetitive full-length films, it's a relief to report that Queer Duck has survived the transition from Internet shorts to DVD movie with laughs intact.
Everyone's favorite 'mo mallard may soon be making the leap to the big screen, according to a UGO.com interview with Queer Duck's openly straight creator, Mike Reiss.
The weekly bloc will include such Showtime fixtures as Queer as Folk and Queer Duck, queer-friendly flicks like Chuck & Buck and Jeffrey, and host segments featuring fabulous entertainers such as Kiki and Herb and the Five Lesbian Brothers.