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A recorderlike Andean flute having a notched mouthpiece.

[Aymara qina.]


(Instruments) an Andean flute
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Each year in the Peruvian Andes, men, women, children and llamas take ancient pathways once traced by the Incas to participate in a special festival called "Quena Raymi." Around 200 people make the trek up a mountain carrying shovels, tools and saplings for the tree-planting ceremony.
Se van a quedar flacos y secos como un hueso, como para tocar la quena en un cementerio.
His father played traditional folk instruments, like the charango (an armadillo-backed guitar) and the quena (a reed flute), and at age 13, after being introduced to a drummer friend of one of his brothers, Rojkind picked up the drums.