quenched steel

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Noun1.quenched steel - steel that has been hardened by immersing it in water or oil to cool it
steel - an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon; widely used in construction; mechanical properties can be varied over a wide range
martensite - a solid solution of carbon in alpha-iron that is formed when steel is cooled so rapidly that the change from austenite to pearlite is suppressed; responsible for the hardness of quenched steel
oil-hardened steel - steel that is quenched in oil
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The wear life of HX900 wear segments is about five times longer than white iron and 20 times longer than quenched steel, according to the company.
Modeling Heat Treatment for Characterizing Distortion, Residual Stress, Loading Response and Fracture in a Vacuum Carburized and Gas Quenched Steel Coupon," Proceeding from 5th International Conference on Thermal Process Modeling and Computer Simulation, Orlando Florida, 2014.
Thermal-elastic-plastic simulation of internal stress fields of quenched steel 40Cr cylindrical specimens by FEM, Materials and Manufacturing Processes 26(5): 732-739.
The topics include measuring and predicting residual stresses in heat-treated large forgings, modeling induction heat distribution in carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics, computer modeling mechanical properties and microstructure in a quenched steel specimen, the numerical simulation of phase transformation during the hot stamping process, and reducing gear size for compact transmission design by selecting steel grade and heat treatment processes with computer modeling.
The presence of martensite in quenched steel, while greatly increasing its hardness and tensile strength, causes the material to be brittle as its formation is accompanied by severe matrix distortions.
Prices of quenched steel will be more stable, despite a weakening trend in demand, the company forecast.
7 kg/t both for normalized steel (Figure 5) and for high-temperature temper quenched steel (Figure 6).
Quenched steel prices continued to exhibit greater stability.
Some SEK700m of the expenditure is earmarked for the continued expansion of SSAB Oxelosund's quenched steel capacity in Sweden.
As estimated in the first quarter, the production outage resulting from the gas pipe damage in Oxelosund led to a shortfall in quenched steel production of 10 thousand tonnes.
Thanks to our close cooperation with customers and investments in increased quenched steel production capacity, we have a strong platform and are investing in the future," concluded Martin Lindqvist.
Quenched steel prices are expected to be more stable, despite a weakening trend in demand.