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tr.v. quenched, quench·ing, quench·es
1. To put out (a fire, for example); extinguish.
2. To suppress; squelch: The disapproval of my colleagues quenched my enthusiasm for the plan.
3. To slake; satisfy: Mineral water quenched our thirst.
4. To cool (hot metal) by thrusting into water or other liquid.

[Middle English quenchen, from Old English -cwencan (in ācwencan, to quench).]

quench′a·ble adj.
quench′er n.
quench′less adj.
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Mr Swiveller replied that he had very recently been assuaging the pangs of thirst, but that he was still open to 'a modest quencher,' if the materials were at hand.
There was one point which Mr Swiveller deemed it unnecessary to enlarge upon, and that was the fact of the modest quencher, which, by reason of its intrinsic strength and its coming close upon the heels of the temperate beverage he had discussed at dinner, awakened a slight degree of fever, and rendered necessary two or three other modest quenchers at the public-house in the course of the evening.
And just at that awkward minute down tumbled his father's old beaver over his head and face, putting a comical quencher on his self-reproaches.
At the bottom, however, there is a pleasant public; whereat we must really take a modest quencher, for the down air is provocative of thirst.
Today the Thirst Quencher refreshed more than 720 workers and will be continuing for the next three weeks.
In the absence of its complementary "target", the single-stranded probe comes together in a hair-pin-like manner, with the complementary sequences at either end of the strand binding together, bringing the fluorophore and quencher close to each other and turning down, or "quenching", the fluorophore's fluorescence.
This cell-splitting protein not only kills the cell, but also severs the link between the dye and the quencher, allowing the nanoparticles to glow under infrared light.
Every rider received gift bags from sponsors Draper Therapies and Horse Quencher, to show their thanks for supporting this new and exciting sport and race series.
For their 'sugar computer' they use several components: One fluorescent dye and a so-called fluorescence quencher.
Polycrylene S1 replaces the triplet-quenching portion of Polycrylene (INCI: Polyester-8) with a singlet-state quencher.
OUIDAD HAIR CREAM STYLERS, TAMING SHINE SPRAY: Ouidad has launched two creams formulated for styling curly hair--Moisture Lock Define & Shine Curl Styling Gel Cream and Curl Quencher HydraFusion Intense Curl Cream--as well as a taming shine spray for all hair types--Climate Control Frizz & Flyaway Fighter.
For the first time, creams are boosting the brand's product line with the introduction of Moisture Lock Define & Shine Curl Styling Gel Cream ($24) and Curl Quencher HydraFusion Intense Curl Cream ($26).

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