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Noun1.question sheet - a written examinationquestion sheet - a written examination    
exam, examination, test - a set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge; "when the test was stolen the professor had to make a new set of questions"
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They come over to our work table and fill out a question sheet about the person whose face they want us to draw.
Collect a question sheet from the Children's Library, then follow the dinosaur egg trail starting from the Stones and Bones Exhibition in the Gallery on Floor 3 to the Children's Library on the lower ground floor.
We published a frequently asked question sheet, and continue to answer questions on the website.
They were both given a question sheet with things to find around the castle grounds.
According to a frequently asked question sheet released by NAIFA, the expansion was carried out because the majority of NAIFA's members already sell health products.
The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory characters work in a group and discuss how they might answer the questions from the question sheet.
I do get a little nervous just before turning over the question sheet, but the feeling when it's finished is probably what I Look forward to the most.
This week a 50p treasure trail question sheet is available from the office.
People need to turn up at the Trust offices off Station Road on the Sunday from 10am to pick up a question sheet and a trail leaflet.
Information and interaction are so integrated that the information does not take additional room on the question sheet.
Those who wish to take the test apply for it on a web site, after which they receive a question sheet with a phone number.
It's great for him because he's learning to spell, so he has to pick words out from the question sheet and find them in the exhibit,'' Orta said.