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a. Open to doubt or challenge; problematic.
b. Not yet determined or specified.
2. Of dubious morality or respectability: a questionable reputation.

ques′tion·a·ble·ness, ques′tion·a·bil′i·ty n.
ques′tion·a·bly adv.
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NEVER throughout the US presidential history a man has ever faced so much embarrassment and questionability regarding his suitability as the head of state as Donald Trump (albeit a self-acclaimed genius) faces today.
Moreover, its perceived questionability as a credible source and unclear efficacy as a learning tool should lead an instructor to carefully consider its inclusion in his or her curriculum.
The uncharacteristically flat prose throws the questionability of some of his cocksure assertions into sharp relief.
Those nouns that share, in turn, with the verb only a semantic relationship, like polka and grin in (8) and (9), seem to exhibit a syntactico-semantic behaviour of their own in relation to passivization, topicalization, pronominalization, definiteness and questionability, which is similar to the behaviour displayed by regular objects and which morphological cognates, however, do not show.
grant access to compelling alternatives, so that ethical choice is made visible without hiding the questionability of the choice that is made.
And assertive speculation about Allen's creative choices, given that none of the authors appeared to make any efforts to contact him, seem to emphasize the artifice of scholarly convention and its questionability here.
52) Because the church must maintain its own questionability, it must also have the humility to acknowledge that "there are things it does not say, meaning it does not carry.
There's a certain escapist element to work like Our Mathematical Universe, which has in mind a wider audience than just those with intense science backgrounds, and Tegmark's curiosity and wit come through in this weighty tome, despite the questionability of his claims.
733, 777 (2007) (noting questionability of whether courts can look to legislative history to protect trademark licensees).
The strikes are often linked to anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and the growing questionability of the scope and extent of CIA activities in Pakistan .
When foregrounding his concerns about the questionability of inclusive education in its current manifestation, Slee (2011) advances a series of restorative tasks of research in the field, aimed at evolving social justice through honouring voice and insider perspectives with participatory research.
The developing countries also face challenges related to programmatic, administrative and financial issues as illustrated through lack of trained Manpower, questionability of its continuance to work in the designated area, ever changing priorities and interrupted fund management.