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a. Open to doubt or challenge; problematic.
b. Not yet determined or specified.
2. Of dubious morality or respectability: a questionable reputation.

ques′tion·a·ble·ness, ques′tion·a·bil′i·ty n.
ques′tion·a·bly adv.
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A hint on the questionability of this potential already by existing metrics comes from a barely average standing of Lebanon in the World Bank's new human capital index.
Among the topics are the versatility of contemporary Jewish philosophy, the promise and perils of perplexity: Jewish philosophy and public culture yesterday and today, Jewish musical thinking: critical reflections of a philosopher-rabbi, reconceiving Jewish philosophy: aspirations for the future, and the questionability of a future Jewish philosophy.
NEVER throughout the US presidential history a man has ever faced so much embarrassment and questionability regarding his suitability as the head of state as Donald Trump (albeit a self-acclaimed genius) faces today.
Moreover, its perceived questionability as a credible source and unclear efficacy as a learning tool should lead an instructor to carefully consider its inclusion in his or her curriculum.
The range of the gap fits well with reports from other studies investigating the amplification cut-off values in the GH guidelines: the questionability of the lower limit (5%) of the amplification threshold was argued by a possible misclassification of the case as heterogeneous when only 1 cell with a HER2/CEP17 ratio >2.2 in 20 is counted [12,16,18].
And yet it is precisely this triple equivalence among knowledge, certainty and object that must be questioned." It is the professed task of Negative Certainties to demonstrate the questionability and limitations of this triple equivalence.
The uncharacteristically flat prose throws the questionability of some of his cocksure assertions into sharp relief.
(Ogata 2011: 1) Those nouns that share, in turn, with the verb only a semantic relationship, like polka and grin in (8) and (9), seem to exhibit a syntactico-semantic behaviour of their own in relation to passivization, topicalization, pronominalization, definiteness and questionability, which is similar to the behaviour displayed by regular objects and which morphological cognates, however, do not show.
grant access to compelling alternatives, so that ethical choice is made visible without hiding the questionability of the choice that is made." (3) If ethical choice in a post-Kantian age becomes discourse about the question of ethics, the sense of individual injunction still applies: make your chosen ethics visible!
And assertive speculation about Allen's creative choices, given that none of the authors appeared to make any efforts to contact him, seem to emphasize the artifice of scholarly convention and its questionability here.
of its own questionability." (30) To do otherwise is to turn its back on the resurrected, forgiving victim of religious and political violence.