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1. (Law) US a variant of quaestor
2. (Historical Terms) US a variant of quaestor
questorial adj
ˈquestorˌship n


or ques•tor

(ˈkwɛs tər, ˈkwi stər)

1. any of various public magistrates in ancient Rome with chiefly financial responsibilities.
2. one of two officials serving as public prosecutors in certain criminal cases in early Rome.
[1350–1400; < Latin quaes-, base of quaerere to seek]
quaes•to′ri•al (-ˈstɔr i əl, -ˈstoʊr-) adj.
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But Mascarenhas from Questor Technology says regardless of what the US does, Albertans and all Canadians deserve to breathe clean air, unpolluted by methane and other hydrocarbons.
67) See, for example, Pascale Questor & Justin Smart 'The Influence of Consumption Situation and Product Involvement Over Consumers' Use of Product Attribute' (1998) 15 Journal of Consumer Marketing 220; M Tustin & Larry Lockshin 'Region of Origin: Does it Really Count?
Plinio, siendo un hombre honesto y moderado, fue ascendiendo por el cursus honorum (cargos administrativos civiles y militares de la Republica aunque haya vivio durante el principado), fue flamen Divi Augusti (sacerdote del culto al Emperador) en 81, luego decemvir litibus iudicandis (algo equiparable a un juez de lo civil), tribuno militar en Siria (donde conocio a los filosofos Artemidor y Eufrates), sevir equitum Romanorum (jefe de un escuadron de caballeria) en 84, quaestor imperatoris y questor urbano entre 89 y 90.
Bio Notes: Prior to joining Credit Suisse in 2007 was managing director and member of the investment committee of Questor Partners Funds.
Brian put aside the pink paper, the Questor column, and frowned up at the kitchen clock on its yellow wall, making his neck bulge a little above his collar.
Questor (KWESS-tur): treasurer (official responsible for public finances).
But her narrator, "a modern questor," alludes to the alleged descent from colonists and Indians as one of many "speculations about us, by outsiders, in trying to determine our origin.
Who can forget--or more accurately, who can remember--Genesis 11, with Mariette Hartley as a futuristic babe with two belly buttons, or the mind-blowing Questor Tapes, with Robert Foxworth as an android rookie with the LAPD?
On the mystical circle of meaning the questor touches back at the point of his origin when he has traveled furthest away from it.
54) In 1358, John's successor Gilbert Welton commanded all deans and parish clergy "under pain of excommunication, not to admit any mendicant friars or any other questor, particularly during services, unless they show the bishop's licence.
Douglas Livingstone's poem "Traffic interlude: Descent from the Tower" (1991:49) may be read as exploring the vagaries of the "secondary imagination" which leads the questor in the poem astray.
He also composed the themes for series "The Psychiatrist," "Tenafly" and "Veronica Clare" and scored dozens of other TV movies, including Gene Roddenberry's "The Questor Tapes" and "Attica.