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intr.v. quib·bled, quib·bling, quib·bles
To argue or find fault over trivial matters or minor concerns; cavil.
1. A trivial matter or minor concern raised in arguing or finding fault.
2. Archaic A pun.

[Probably diminutive of obsolete quib, equivocation, perhaps from Latin quibus, dative and ablative pl. of quī, who, what (from its frequent use in legal documents); see kwo- in Indo-European roots.]

quib′bler n.
Synonyms: quibble, carp1, cavil, nitpick
These verbs mean to raise petty or frivolous objections or complaints: quibbling about minor details; a critic who constantly carped; caviling about the price of coffee; tried to stop nitpicking all the time.


A. ADJquisquilloso


adj (= petty) personkleinlich; (= hair-splitting) person, details, argumentspitzfindig
nkleinliches Getue (inf); (= petty criticism)Krittelei f; (= hair-splitting)Haarspalterei f, → Wortklauberei f; all this quibbling about detailsdieses Herumreiten auf Einzelheiten
References in classic literature ?
Standish, with as much disgust at such non-legal quibbling as a man can well betray towards a valuable client.
In the Euthydemus, Socrates himself offered an example of the manner in which the true teacher may draw out the mind of youth; this was in contrast to the quibbling follies of the Sophists.
We have offered, from the first moment, our intel, our law enforcement and all of our efforts, and I really think that, you know, this is sort of quibbling a little bit," Kerry said, in response to a reporter's question.
What's the point quibbling about whether Ray or Leona would win when both had brought so much misery to people's lives?