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intr.v. quib·bled, quib·bling, quib·bles
To argue or find fault over trivial matters or minor concerns; cavil.
1. A trivial matter or minor concern raised in arguing or finding fault.
2. Archaic A pun.

[Probably diminutive of obsolete quib, equivocation, perhaps from Latin quibus, dative and ablative pl. of quī, who, what (from its frequent use in legal documents); see kwo- in Indo-European roots.]

quib′bler n.
Synonyms: quibble, carp1, cavil, nitpick
These verbs mean to raise petty or frivolous objections or complaints: quibbling about minor details; a critic who constantly carped; caviling about the price of coffee; tried to stop nitpicking all the time.
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A. ADJquisquilloso
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adj (= petty) personkleinlich; (= hair-splitting) person, details, argumentspitzfindig
nkleinliches Getue (inf); (= petty criticism)Krittelei f; (= hair-splitting)Haarspalterei f, → Wortklauberei f; all this quibbling about detailsdieses Herumreiten auf Einzelheiten
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The Protagoras arrived at a sort of hypothetical conclusion, that if 'virtue is knowledge, it can be taught.' In the Euthydemus, Socrates himself offered an example of the manner in which the true teacher may draw out the mind of youth; this was in contrast to the quibbling follies of the Sophists.
Standish, with as much disgust at such non-legal quibbling as a man can well betray towards a valuable client.