quiche Lorraine

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quiche Lor·raine

 (lə-rān′, lô-)
A quiche made with cheese and pieces of bacon.

[French, after Lorraine.]
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Noun1.quiche Lorraine - quiche made with cheese and bacon
quiche - a tart filled with rich unsweetened custard; often contains other ingredients (as cheese or ham or seafood or vegetables)
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You will know, a true Quiche Lorraine contains eggs and bacon but no cheese.
Hindley's Bakery Summer Pick 'n' Mix - four items for PS3 Savoury: pork and sage rolls, pork and apple rolls, pork and chorizo rolls, green olive with cherry tomato and rosemary focaccia, cheddar cheese with red onion and chive focaccia, stilton and walnut focaccia, cheese and garlic twists, quiche lorraine, mushroom quiche, broccoli and stilton quiche.
A traditional quiche Lorraine and a quiche du jour.
The day's menu included dishes like quiche Lorraine, French onion soup, chicken cordon-bleu, aligot, beef bourguinon, and creme brulee.
Meals prepared with quark provide a significantly reduced fat and calorie count per serving, adding appeal for the health conscious customer on menu favourites like New York Style Cheesecake (-483 kcal), Quiche Lorraine (-256 kcal) and Eton mess (-528 kcal).
The NO.G range in Sainsbury's will include: Chicken, Bacon & Leek Pie, Steak & Ale Pie, Vegetable Pie, Quiche Lorraine, Cheese & Onion Quiche and Crustless Garden Veg & Feta Quiche.
As more TV series, books and newspaper columns followed, Rachel continued to wizard up everything from Quiche Lorraine to molten lava cake in her tiny toaster oven.
Recipes for Breakfast Burritos, Baked Eggs, Quiche Lorraine and others modify ingredients and use easy lists of staples commonly found in Paleo kitchens.
At Les Deux Magots, I do just that, scribbling in my notebook, as I eat a satisfactory quiche Lorraine (the classic recipe has bits of bacon, Swiss cheese and onion dices at the bottom of the pastry shell).
Even within each region, certain towns are known for certain dishes that originate from there, whether it's Quiche Lorraine from Lorraine, or bouillabaisse from Marseille (a fish soup which was originally made by fishermen with the fish they couldn't sell!).
Best-sellers are quiche Lorraine, cheese and onion and broccoli.