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The Easigrass installation team even had time for a quick kick about to test the grass.
The skipper then saw a long-range penalty hit the woodwork but Andrew Hirons was fouled as the ball bounced back into play and this time a quick kick let in Whittle for his second and Pretty again obliged.
But for those moments when you need a burst of power to overtake or get out of a tight spot, it responds immediately, with a quick kick that belies its size as an estate.
The original foul may easily have been a yellow card, but the ref took no action then allowed City man Glesson to first stand in front off Nugent to block a quick kick then wrest the ball off the Boro man and casually walk away with it.
It has a quick kick followed by some low-level vibration at the shot--nothing major.
He has an incredible knowhow even when the whole team is celebrating a goal, he is making sure is celebrating a goal, he is making sure the opposition don't take a quick kick.
He started the move bringing the first try, a quick kick caught on the bounce, then from Alun Thomas to Rowlands, a cross kick sending Number 8 Sid Judd over, Rowlands converting.
We've seen relatively quick kick up in the US relative to the availability of LTE.
The quick kick, we've worked on that for, it's got to be like seven, eight years since the last time we did it," coach Bill Belichick said.
Donovan's quick kick caught Stammler on his raised right elbow, an infraction which was caught immediately by the linesman and a penalty kick was awarded.
Les Bleus captain Lionel Nallet chose a tap-and-go rather than a kick at goal but botched his quick kick and the chance was lost.
The sign to get your animal moving is a quick kick with both heels.