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n. Informal
1. Something made or done rapidly.
2. An act of sexual intercourse that is done quickly and often furtively.

quick′ie adj.


(ˈkwɪkɪ) or


1. (Brewing) Also called (esp Brit): quick one a speedily consumed alcoholic drink
a. anything made, done, produced, or consumed rapidly or in haste
b. (as modifier): a quickie divorce; a quickie ceremony.


(ˈkwɪk i)

1. something produced, done, or enjoyed in only a short time.
2. accomplished quickly with minimal formality: a quickie meal.
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Noun1.quickie - hurried repairquickie - hurried repair      
fixing, repair, mend, mending, reparation, fix, fixture - the act of putting something in working order again
Quickieschnelle Nummer


[ˈkwɪkɪ] N (= question) → pregunta f cortita; (= drink) → copita f; (= sex) → polvito m
to have a quickie (= drink) → tomarse una copita; (= sex) → echarse un polvito


[ˈkwɪki] n (= question) → question f rapide
to have a quickie (= drink) → boire un coup en vitesse (= game) → faire une partie rapide (= sex) → tirer un coup en vitesse quickie divorce ndivorce m express


n (inf) (= drink)eine(r, s) auf die Schnelle (inf); (= question)kurze Frage; (= sex)Quickie m (inf); the meeting has to be a quickiemit der Besprechung müssen wirs kurz machen (inf)


[ˈkwɪkɪ] n (fam) → cosa fatta velocemente; (question) → domanda veloce
do you fancy a quickie? (drink) → andiamo a bere qualcosa?
References in classic literature ?
So, they established the rule, that all poor people should have the alternative (for they would compel nobody, not they), of being starved by a gradual process in the house, or by a quick one out of it.
Wait, Sancho, and I will do them in the saying of a credo," and pulling off his breeches in all haste he stripped himself to his skin and his shirt, and then, without more ado, he cut a couple of gambados in the air, and a couple of somersaults, heels over head, making such a display that, not to see it a second time, Sancho wheeled Rocinante round, and felt easy, and satisfied in his mind that he could swear he had left his master mad; and so we will leave him to follow his road until his return, which was a quick one.
I have sprinted off the pitch to go and try and take a quick one and I've come back and seen he [Middleton] is pointing the other way and I have lost my head a little bit, but you shouldn't act like that.
I have sprinted off the pitch to try and take a quick one and come back and seen he (Middleton) is pointing the other way and I have lost my head a little bit, but you shouldn't act like that.
With the old ball offering little help, he resorted to bouncers, an especially quick one rushing Rizwan into a pull shot he top edged.
j Just a quick one - Crank, Jo and Splodge | 051115COWAN_08.
One nearby resident, Shelagh Hutton posted on Facebook: "Omg I go the pub for a quick one and totally miss the hoo har on the street.
Our business customers will be able to make quick one day business trips to Cairo, Amman and Jeddah whilst our leisure passengers will appreciate direct flights to the Greek isles, Cyprus, Turkey and Sharm El-Sheick.
And she said I don't want a long engagement but I don't want a quick one either.
Rating: 3/5 | B QUICK One Coat Professional Finish in Mermaid 176, PS4.
Frankel is the only horse I have seen who combined a long stride with a very quick one, something he had in common with Usain Bolt.
DETOXING: Just time to get a quick one in before beer garden season starts in earnest.