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n. Informal
1. Something made or done rapidly.
2. An act of sexual intercourse that is done quickly and often furtively.

quick′ie adj.
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(ˈkwɪkɪ) or


1. (Brewing) Also called (esp Brit): quick one a speedily consumed alcoholic drink
a. anything made, done, produced, or consumed rapidly or in haste
b. (as modifier): a quickie divorce; a quickie ceremony.
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(ˈkwɪk i)

1. something produced, done, or enjoyed in only a short time.
2. accomplished quickly with minimal formality: a quickie meal.
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Noun1.quickie - hurried repairquickie - hurried repair      
fixing, repair, mend, mending, reparation, fix, fixture - the act of putting something in working order again
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Quickieschnelle Nummer


[ˈkwɪkɪ] N (= question) → pregunta f cortita; (= drink) → copita f; (= sex) → polvito m
to have a quickie (= drink) → tomarse una copita; (= sex) → echarse un polvito
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[ˈkwɪki] n (= question) → question f rapide
to have a quickie (= drink) → boire un coup en vitesse (= game) → faire une partie rapide (= sex) → tirer un coup en vitesse quickie divorce ndivorce m express
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n (inf) (= drink)eine(r, s) auf die Schnelle (inf); (= question)kurze Frage; (= sex)Quickie m (inf); the meeting has to be a quickiemit der Besprechung müssen wirs kurz machen (inf)
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[ˈkwɪkɪ] n (fam) → cosa fatta velocemente; (question) → domanda veloce
do you fancy a quickie? (drink) → andiamo a bere qualcosa?
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