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n. Informal
1. Something made or done rapidly.
2. An act of sexual intercourse that is done quickly and often furtively.

quick′ie adj.


(ˈkwɪkɪ) or


1. (Brewing) Also called (esp Brit): quick one a speedily consumed alcoholic drink
a. anything made, done, produced, or consumed rapidly or in haste
b. (as modifier): a quickie divorce; a quickie ceremony.


(ˈkwɪk i)

1. something produced, done, or enjoyed in only a short time.
2. accomplished quickly with minimal formality: a quickie meal.
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Noun1.quickie - hurried repairquickie - hurried repair      
fixing, repair, mend, mending, reparation, fix, fixture - the act of putting something in working order again
Quickieschnelle Nummer


[ˈkwɪkɪ] N (= question) → pregunta f cortita; (= drink) → copita f; (= sex) → polvito m
to have a quickie (= drink) → tomarse una copita; (= sex) → echarse un polvito


[ˈkwɪki] n (= question) → question f rapide
to have a quickie (= drink) → boire un coup en vitesse (= game) → faire une partie rapide (= sex) → tirer un coup en vitesse quickie divorce ndivorce m express


n (inf) (= drink)eine(r, s) auf die Schnelle (inf); (= question)kurze Frage; (= sex)Quickie m (inf); the meeting has to be a quickiemit der Besprechung müssen wirs kurz machen (inf)


[ˈkwɪkɪ] n (fam) → cosa fatta velocemente; (question) → domanda veloce
do you fancy a quickie? (drink) → andiamo a bere qualcosa?
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Until April, Quickies nail polish remover pads contained chemicals including gammabutyrolactone or GBL, classified as a class C drug in 2009 following a spate of related deaths, including Stephanie Balcarres, 22 and Hester Stewart, 21.
Her group classes and quickies are held at Dog Wood Park (located at 5505 SW Archer Rd in Gainesville), where she teaches AKC STAR Puppy, AKC Canine Good Citizen Prep, Control Unleashed, Nose Work, Fun Obedience & Games, Trickz and more.
Pah, I can squeeze a couple of quickies into that time.
If you're only having one type of sex all the time, you can also see how to incorporate some of the other styles - a few quickies perhaps - into your repertoire to spice things up and stop boredom setting in.
Chibnall observes that "the quickies sponsored by Hollywood companies [.
The machine at Heritage Exchange also carries the Forget Me Not logo and posters will go with other Quickies to highlight the charity.
Berlin-based artist Yuka Oyama was invited to perform Schmuck Quickies at the after-show party.
The reader will discover tips such as: Stretch Your Day, Zip Through Housework, Teach Yourself Some Tech Tips, Find Pleasure In Being Organized, Liberate The Living Room, Use Kitchen Quickies, Let A Junk Drawer Save You Time, Plan A Party Lickety-Split.
We have a fantastic deal on Tea Break Quickies, Puzzle Monthly and Jumbo Cross, allowing you to enjoy them at the bargain price of just 99p
Set aside two nights a week for long sessions and the rest of the time, go for the quickies.