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n. Chiefly British
1. Cuttings or slips of a plant suitable for hedges.
2. A hedge consisting of these plant cuttings or slips.

[quick, alive + set.]


1. (Agriculture)
a. a plant or cutting, esp of hawthorn, set so as to form a hedge
b. such plants or cuttings collectively
2. (Agriculture) a hedge composed of such plants
(Agriculture) composed of such plants
[C15: from quick in the archaic sense live, growing + set to plant, set in the ground]



n. Chiefly Brit.
1. a plant or cutting, esp. of hawthorn, set to grow as in a hedge.
2. a hedge of such plants.
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Noun1.quickset - cuttings of plants set in the ground to grow as hawthorn for hedges or vines; "a quickset of a vine planted in a vineyard"
cutting, slip - a part (sometimes a root or leaf or bud) removed from a plant to propagate a new plant through rooting or grafting
Adj.1.quickset - grown from cuttings planted directly in the ground; "a quickset hawthorn hedge"
planted - set in the soil for growth


A. ADJcompuesto de plantas vivas (esp de espinos)
B. N (= slip) → plantón m; (= hawthorn) → espino m; (= hedge) → seto m vivo (esp de espinos)
References in classic literature ?
When we were nearly at the spot the pony put down his head and threw up his heels, and sent the boy neatly over into a broad quickset hedge, and with the rein dangling from his head he set off home at a full gallop.
The little house was surrounded by a low, quickset hedge, two or three feet high.
There were few trees, or none, those that would have grown in the hedges being mercilessly plashed down with the quickset by the tenant-farmers, the natural enemies of tree, bush, and brake.
It was approached by a quiet bye-road, a little way out of the town, and it stood snugly in the middle of its own plot of garden ground, protected by a good brick wall at the back and the sides, and by a high quickset hedge in front.
UEI) has reached a new milestone with its QuickSet solution, having shipped the platform in more than 150 million devices around the world.
Flush color: Heatset, Quickset, Non Heat, Soy, 100% Solids, Polyester, 2 piece metal deco, 3 piece metal deco, UV, Pantone approved quickset and soy.
With the capabilities enabled by UEI s QuickSet, manufacturers who use the CSR1011 chipset can deliver remote controls that offer consumers long battery life and are compatible with their existing entertainment products like DVD and Blu-ray players, cable boxes, stereo systems and other AV devices, removing the need for multiple remote controls.
UEI) (Nasdaq: UEIC) today announced the latest in the UEI iSeries line of infrared (IR) blaster hardware solutions, i-TWO and Quickset 2.
99) is a quickset, hub-style blind made of a premium water-resistant, black-backed fabric.
Folding Shooting Sticks feature ribbed-grip yoke and quickset leg joints.
DRS proposes its Watchmaster Pro, a turret featuring the Quickset QPT-LT dual side-mount positioner, which can be configured with single or multiple camera blocks for day and night capability.
Head-to-toe aluminum and stainless-steel pins make the Quickset 2500 2-Pin hugely dependable, while two vertical pins, each backed with two feet of fiber optic material encased around the pin guard, makes them bright.