quieten down

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w>quieten down

vi (= become silent)leiser werden; (= become calm)sich beruhigen; (after wild youth) → ruhiger werden; quieten down, boys!ein bisschen ruhiger, Jungens!; things have quietened down a lotes ist viel ruhiger geworden
vt sep personberuhigen; engineruhiger machen; to quieten things down (situation) → die Lage beruhigen
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Susan said: "When things quieten down a bit I would like to get into fostering.
However the sculpture trail has now ended so we do expect things to quieten down a bit.
It needs to on Saturday and Everton's challenge will be to quieten down what will be a vocal and noisy home support.
The victim, a 32-year-old woman, asked them to quieten down. Moore and Weightman then became verbally abusive and aggressive towards the woman.
Why don't we all quieten down a bit and just get on with it?" - Actress Joanna Lumley, 70.
Why don't we all quieten down a bit and just get on with it?" Actress Joanna Lumley, 70 "Can't get rid of me that easily" The Only Way Is Essex star Jake Hall, who is recovering from stab wounds sustained in a Marbella nightclub "I wouldn't call today's music pop music.
"Why don't we all quieten down a bit and just get on with it?" The actress will return as the incorrigible Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, and she has no plans to retire any time soon.
One reader of the guide wrote: "Why are there undisciplined children who are allowed to run around unchecked, or screaming babies who aren't taken outside to calm down.?" Another said: "My peaceful lunch by the fire with a pint was totally ruined by a child running around whooping and tripping up staff, and when asked to quieten down by the landlord, the poor man faced abuse from over-protective parents.
One passenger claimed the violence was triggered after a noisy group of men was asked to quieten down. A British Transport Police spokeswoman said the train was delayed for an hour after arriving at Thirsk station at 8.40pm, as two passengers who had been injured were treated by paramedics before continuing their journeys.
Witnesses said the woman, from Edinburgh, was demanding cigarettes and a parachute during the flight but kicked off when stewards asked her to quieten down.
The businessman, Iqbal Sharma, said he had only asked the staff to get Khan's table to quieten down, which sparked a heated argument and the alleged assault.
He approached Ben Croft, 24, who he knew, in the street and asked him to get his homeowner sister Kelly Parsons to quieten down the noise from the party.