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The art or craft of making decorative designs out of thin strips of rolled paper.

[From quill, to wind around a quill.]

quill·er n.
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(Crafts) decorative craftwork in which a material such as glass, fabric, or paper is formed into small bands or rolls that form the basis of a design
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Nevertheless, the quilling inside Rosamond's bonnet was so charming that it was impossible not to desire the same kind of thing for Kate, and Mrs.
On her head is a bonnet to match, relieved by a quilling of white muslin with one deep red rose, as a morsel of positive color, to complete the effect of the whole dress.
Last year India made a record of paper quilling mosaic and its total covered area was 60.01 meter square.
The folds of the woman's striped blanket are created using straight quilling technique [Hensler 1989, p.
Jason Quilling is known as an investor who buys and rehabs apartments in Minneapolis.
Summary: Made by quilling enthusiast Surya Bala, the piece is displayed as part of National Day celebrations
Dubai: An Indian artist is helping Alzheimer's and autistic patients in the UAE cope up with their conditions through the art of paper quilling.
The college friends and fine arts graduates recently launched something very different: Egypt's first handmade quilling line on Facebook and Instagram.
It is probably the victim of what is commonly known as "quilling".