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Noun1.quilting bee - a gathering to make quiltsquilting bee - a gathering to make quilts    
bee - a social gathering to carry out some communal task or to hold competitions
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WILLIAMSON COUNTY Holding a quilting bee in a fire station may sound a bit unique, but when the Lake Egypt Fire Department offered the use of their conference room for the Quilts of Valor group, the offer was readily accepted.
Purchases in 2016/17 included PS460 for fixtures and fittings from Ikea, PS698 to Conwy-based store Quilting Bee.
Purchases in 2016/17 included PS460 for fixtures and fittings from Ikea, PS698 to the Quilting Bee, a Conwy-based store, which describes itself on Facebook as having "a wide choice of haberdashery and quilting notions".
Witherspoon was a leader and founder of the Freedom Quilting Bee in Alberta, Ala., who was renowned for service to her community.
Fourth, quilts were valued as collectibles or antiques, focusing on the nostalgia of the nineteenth-century quilting bee with its associations of community, pioneer life, and creating beauty from scraps; this perspective considered contemporary quilting uninteresting.
Finally, sewing machines have gone high-tech: longarm sewing machines range from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on whether one desires simpler features or "a full computerized system." (21) This is not your great-grandmother's quilting bee.
Rose Quilting Bee. Things become serious when Maggie's police officer son is injured by one of the blasts.
Part 1, "Devising Text: Collaborative Decision Making," includes: Flint, "Teaching without Lecturing: A Lesson in (Re)Writing History" (16-25); Carly Halse, "Brief Encounters between Disciplines and Cultures: An Analysis of the Dramaturgical Quilting Bee" (26-36); Megan Hanley, "Are You an Inmate?
Quilting Bee for Newborns - Volunteer quilters will gather at The Quilt Patch at 448 W.
Horse Expo * 1:00 pm Comm Quilting Bee * 2:00 pm Dirty
We observe how she clears the land, drives a horse-drawn buggy, harvests apples and participates in her first quilting bee. We also witness her joy as she visits the general store and bakery, plays baseball and savours homemade ice cream.
The Freedom Quilting Bee. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 1987.