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also quin·cunx·ial  (kwĭn-kŭn′shəl)
Of, relating to, or forming a quincunx.

quin·cun′cial·ly adv.
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1. consisting of or having the appearance of a quincunx
2. (Botany) (of the petals or sepals of a five-membered corolla or calyx in the bud) arranged so that two members overlap another two completely and the fifth overlaps on one margin and is itself overlapped on the other
quinˈcuncially adv
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Vogel, "Warping peirce quincuncial panoramas," in Proceedings of the 7th International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Vancouver, Canada, 2011, http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/1011/1011.3189.pdf.
In this characteristic passage, the quincuncial pattern for planting is traced to "Latine plantations" on the authority of Quintilian and Virgil, but this attribution is quickly superceded by Browne's own conjecture about even earlier, Biblical evidence:
Considering of the quincuncial disposal of anchor, it is not equal between the two adjacent sections.
In the second half of this volume, the authors provide a kind of gazetteer of the imperial landscape organized according to the Inca's own conceptual and geographic schema embodied in the word "Tawantinsuyu." This term refers to the Inca's quincuncial model of the "kingdom of the four parts," which radiated out from the imperial centerpoint of Cusco.
Asi mismo presenta una estivacion imbricada quincuncial, donde los petalos uno y dos (los mas externos), cubren de forma inmediata a los petalos tres y cuatro (los petalos fusionados).