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 (kwĭ-nĕl′ə, kē-) also qui·nie·la (kēn-yĕl′ə)
A system of betting in which the bettor, in order to win, must pick the first two finishers of a race, but not necessarily in the correct sequence.

[American Spanish quiniela, diminutive of Spanish quina, keno, from French quine; see keno.]


(Gambling, except Cards) Austral and NZ a form of betting on a horse race in which the punter bets on selecting the first and second place-winners in any order
[from American Spanish quiniela a game of chance]


(kiˈnɛl ə, kwɪ-)

also qui•nie•la

(kinˈyɛl ə)

n., pl. -las.
a type of bet, esp. on horse races, in which the bettor, in order to win, must select the first- and second-place finishers without specifying their order of finishing.
[1940–45, Amer.; < American Spanish]
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They typically invested larger amounts of money and frequently preferred exotic bet types like quinellas (the first two placegetters in a given race in any order), trifectas (the first three runners of a race in the correct order), doubles (the winner in two races in a row) or quadrellas (the winner in each of the four last races in a given race meeting), which most Fijian punters never showed any interest in.
(63) However, by the 1970s, calls were being made for the redistribution of profits in the racing industry; for the introduction of new bets (trebles, quinellas and triellas); and for the closure of uneconomic clubs.
QUINELLAS in any race, let alone ones at a high level, are hard to come by.
Then whatever was left, he said, was going on Racing To Win next time he ran - no quinellas this time because Apache Cat had run down the field.
With the help of a friend and his motorised Zimmer frame (no, sorry, I didn't see it so can't give a description of this machine) he approached the desk and told the lady behind it he'd like A$106,000 (just over pounds 40,000) on Racing To Win in the Doncaster - oh, and a A$10,000 on a quinella (dual forecast) on Racing To Win and the expected favourite Apache Cat.
Occasionally, a disembodied head pokes through to aid some hapless punter who has hit the `help' button as they tackle an array of wagering options, including a bet to name two horses to finish in the places, and bracketed quinellas, which involve a curious coupling of horses in up to eight separate groups denoted by cap colour.
Asian handicaps, point spreads, American-style odds, quinellas - the net is truly your passport to the wacky world of foreigners.
"But at some point my mind must have wandered, because nowhere in the words we exchanged on our wedding day do I find anything referring to exactas and quinellas.
In Japan, Quinellas attract almost 95 per cent of turnover, although one of the three types of Quinella, the Quinella Place, which accounts for 13 per cent of turnover, is not a dual forecast.
In Hong Kong, 28 per cent of betting turnover is accounted for by the Quinella (dual forecast) which, across Australia, accounts for only seven per cent of turnover.