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 (kwĭ-nĕl′ə, kē-) also qui·nie·la (kēn-yĕl′ə)
A system of betting in which the bettor, in order to win, must pick the first two finishers of a race, but not necessarily in the correct sequence.

[American Spanish quiniela, diminutive of Spanish quina, keno, from French quine; see keno.]
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(Gambling, except Cards) Austral and NZ a form of betting on a horse race in which the punter bets on selecting the first and second place-winners in any order
[from American Spanish quiniela a game of chance]
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(kiˈnɛl ə, kwɪ-)

also qui•nie•la

(kinˈyɛl ə)

n., pl. -las.
a type of bet, esp. on horse races, in which the bettor, in order to win, must select the first- and second-place finishers without specifying their order of finishing.
[1940–45, Amer.; < American Spanish]
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Apart from games of chance, the history of sports betting in Spain is linked to the appearance of a game known as "La Quiniela" (The Pools), which has been played in this country since the second decade of the 20th Century and which can be defined (currently) as a mutual bet in which the betters make predictions about the results of 15 football games that appear in competitions authorised by the Royal Spanish Football Federation or other national or international institutions (normally 10 teams from the 1st Division and 5 from the 2nd Division), these 15 predictions forming a single bet (combinations of bets can also be made).
Los ingresos correspondientes fueron de 821 millones de euros en 2003, procedentes de la tributacion por IVA, impuesto de sociedades, IRPF, seguridad social y de los ingresos destinados derivados de la recaudacion de La Quiniela.
In a follow-up study that expanded the number of variables studied to 18, Johansson and Sonstrod used a similar BPNN but also investigated the effect of more exotic wagers such as Quiniela (i.e., selecting the first two dogs to finish in any order) and Exacta (i.e., selecting the first two dogs to finish in order) (Johansson & Sonstrod, 2003).
Clutching card and bucks I asked the teller for EUR20 win five, which immediately resulted in a ticket being produced; my bet was on, but the EUR20 quiniela (reverse forecast) one, five had to be referred to the sportsbook manager requiring an authorisation code to be tapped into the machine before it would accept the bet.
Lauren's first pic production: Francesc Herrera's "Los locos, locos carrozas"; a second comedy, Joaquin Coll Espona's "La gran quiniela," follows in 1982.