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 (kwĭn′ə-noid′, kwĭ-nō′-)
Of or containing quinone or resembling it in structure or properties; quinoid.


(ˈkwɪnəˌnɔɪd; kwɪˈnəʊnɔɪd) ,




(Dyeing) of, resembling, or derived from quinone


(ˈkwɪn əˌnɔɪd, kwɪˈnoʊ nɔɪd)

of or resembling quinone.
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None of the cases studied by us in this work presents quinoidal character in the ground state; the BLA of the copolymer were similar to those of homopolymers, without abrupt changes between the comonomers and intermediate values to the parent homopolymers (see Fig.
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Com relacao a estabilidade das antocianinas, as mesmas se encontram comumente na forma de uma mistura de diferentes estruturas quimicas em equilibrio: cationflavilium (vermelho), base anidra quinoidal (azul), pseudobase carbitol (incolor) e chalcona (incolor ou levemente amarela).
The great interest in its study, including the elucidation of mechanisms of action of compounds with quinoidal structure is due to their multiple biological targets and their widespread presence in nature (Hussain et al.
A Reinvestigation of the quinoidal effect in N-n-propyl-2-oxo-1-naphthylidene-methylmine, Acta Crystallogr.
This process of deterioration is mediated by endogenous enzymatic activities such as polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and peroxidase (POD), which leads to the formation of dark polymers of a quinoidal nature (ESCRIBANO et al.