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 (kwĭn′ə-noid′, kwĭ-nō′-)
Of or containing quinone or resembling it in structure or properties; quinoid.
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(ˈkwɪnəˌnɔɪd; kwɪˈnəʊnɔɪd) ,




(Dyeing) of, resembling, or derived from quinone
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(ˈkwɪn əˌnɔɪd, kwɪˈnoʊ nɔɪd)

of or resembling quinone.
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Polymerization of the aniline can be conrmed by the presence of spectral peaks near 1473 and 1552 cm-1 for PANI doped samples, which are attributed to the stretching C=C and C=N modes for quinonoid and benzenoid units of PANI, respectively, for the HCl doped PANI [43].
The second is associated with the excitation produced at the quinonoid rings [16, 17].
When PANI salt is exposed to elevated temperature, the changes at the molecular level manifest themselves by the loss of doping acid molecules and formation of phenazine-like or quinonoid segments [9].
Peaks at 1,591 and 1,490 [cm.sup.-1] corresponding to C = C stretching vibrations of quinonoid and benzenoid rings, respectively [43].
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However, there are some studies pointing out that EGCG of high concentration can cause self-oxidization and function as the prooxidant [28-31] by producing hydroxyl radicals, hydrogen peroxide, and quinonoid intermediates causing cytotoxicity [32].
Peak at1302 [cm.sup.-1](C-N stretching of the benzenoid ring ,1141 [cm.sup.-1] (C-H in-plane deformation)[30] The main absorption bands of pure polyaniline at 1567 [cm.sup.-1] and 1480 [cm.sup.-1] for the C=C stretching deformation of benzonoid and quinonoid rings[31], Peak at 813 [cm.sup.-1] (C-H out-of-plane deformation in the p-disubstituted benzene ring ), peak at 3349 [cm.sup.-1] N-H stretching vibration mode .
The characteristic peaks at 1562 [cm.sup.-1] and 1495 [cm.sup.-1] are due to the presence of quinonoid and benzenoid rings, respectively.
According to literature reports [33-35] the N1s spectra of polyaniline can be described with four components at 398.20, 399.40, 400.7, and 402.6 eV, which can be assigned to different polyaniline units: quinonoid, benzenoid, protonated benzenoid, and protonated quinonoid, respectively (Figure 1).
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