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A person 50 years old, or in his or her fifties.
Of or characteristic of a person in his or her fifties.

[From Latin quīnquāgēnārius, containing fifty, from quīnquāgēnī, fifty each, from quīnquāgintā, fifty; see penkwe in Indo-European roots.]


a person between 50 and 59 years old
1. being between 50 and 59 years old
2. of or relating to a quinquagenarian
[C16: from Latin quinquāgēnārius containing fifty, from quinquāgēnī fifty each]


(ˌkwɪŋ kwə dʒəˈnɛər i ən, ˌkwɪn-)

a person who is 50 years old or between 50 and 60.
[1560–70; < Latin quīnquāgēnāri(us) containing fifty quīnquāgēn(ī) fifty each]
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He's persistent about keeping alive memories of times when this bunch of quinquagenarians, sexagenarians and septuagenarians were once mean action heroes in their own rights.
MOUTH Dental hygienist Alison Lowe highlights the importance of good oral health The French have a saying that "life starts at 50" which is good news for all you quinquagenarians out there who thought you were over the hill.
The liaisons between the tubby European quinquagenarians and fit African lads on the beaches and in love hotels are vexed by constantly shifting power relations: Although the women control the purse strings and treat the men as erotic commodities, they also cry out for romance, complain that the men do not love them, and suffer from jealousy--Teresa, for instance, asks her escorts, "How many white women have slept in this bed?" In a pivotal (if literally anticlimactic) scene, Teresa's friends surprise her with a birthday present, a gigolo complete with a pink bow on his penis.