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 (kwĭn-kwĕn′ē-əl, kwĭng-)
1. Happening once every five years.
2. Lasting for five years.
1. A fifth anniversary.
2. A period of five years.

quin·quen′ni·al·ly adv.


occurring once every five years or over a period of five years
1. another word for quinquennium
2. a fifth anniversary
quinˈquennially adv


(kwɪnˈkwɛn i əl, kwɪŋ-)

1. of or lasting for five years.
2. occurring every five years.
3. a quinquennium.
4. something that occurs every five years.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Latin quīnquenni(s) of five years + -al1]
quin•quen′ni•al•ly, adv.


[kwɪŋˈkwenɪəl] ADJquinquenal


adjalle fünf Jahre (stattfindend); (= lasting five years)fünfjährig
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Roger Hood's world-wide survey, first undertaken in 1988 for the United Nations and now updated (as part of the UN's fifth quinquennial review of this topic), shows that in Western Europe every country is now abolitionist, defacto if not absolutely.
Benchmark indexes are developed every 5 years, based on data from the quinquennial Census of Manufactures.
Key-in quinquennial for a fifth, decennial for a tenth, and quindecennial for a fifteenth.
The old group was further subdivided into quinquennial age groups through age 84 and a group for those 85 years or over.
The lustrum normally took place at the end of the quinquennial census of the Roman people.
By far the most surprising gap in her sources, however, are the quinquennial population censuses which are especially rich for the later nineteenth century, the period for which Fuchs's other sources are richest.
Also available is the quinquennial Census of Service Industries (U.
At that time one of my responsibilities was managing a newspaper and magazine indexing service with weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, and quinquennial cumulation and printing jobs that could take hours.
He wasn't "democratically' elected until last June at the quinquennial national convention.
This will be called off on a project by project basis, but an initial call-off will be for on-going management of the schools PFI contract, and support in the upcoming quinquennial PFI bench marking exercise.
ByuE[currency]KEK (CyuHAN)- Kyrgyz quinquennial parliamentary elections started Sunday with more than 2,000 polling stations across the country and 36 abroad open at 8:00 a.