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also quin·tette  (kwĭn-tĕt′)
1. Music
a. A composition for five voices or five instruments.
b. A group of five singers or five instrumentalists.
2. A group of five.

[Probably from Italian quintetto, diminutive of quinto, fifth, from Latin quīntus; see penkwe in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.quintette - five performers or singers who perform together
musical group, musical organisation, musical organization - an organization of musicians who perform together
2.quintette - a set of five similar things considered as a unit
set - a group of things of the same kind that belong together and are so used; "a set of books"; "a set of golf clubs"; "a set of teeth"
3.quintette - five people considered as a unit
assemblage, gathering - a group of persons together in one place
4.quintette - a musical composition for five performersquintette - a musical composition for five performers
musical composition, opus, piece of music, composition, piece - a musical work that has been created; "the composition is written in four movements"
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In the cuddy we were only five, but a more uneven quintette I defy you to convene.
They called themselves the Hot Club of Manila, after Reinhardt's iconic 1930s band, the Quintette du Hot Club de France.
By contrast, the Milton men were able to field a "quintette of stalwarts" for the event.
Thomas Leleu a ete accompagne lors de cette soiree d'un quintette a cordes compose de Christophe Quatremer et Nadim Garfi aux violons, de Wissem Ben Ammar (Alto), Raphael Chretien (violoncelle), et de Mathieu Martin (Contrebasse).
Smiling music by Taffanel (1844-1908), concluded - his Wind Quintette giving every player a chance to shine, but especially the flute, his speciality.
The invention of individual names, aswell as group names "the corporation" and "thefirm" for Mather's chums and "the Quintette"for Tip Lawrence's separate posse of Hubbard friends, pointtoward another feature of college life, a mutual conferring of newidentities that emerge from events in their collective history.
Alf then went on to form the London Wind Quintette with the virtuoso oboe player Leon Goossens.
Trois ensembles prestigieux se relayeront chaque soir durant sept jours, on notera, entre autres, la participation de Benabdallah Yanis (Maroc), Lagha Hamadi (Tunisie), Ragaa Eldin (Egypte), l'orchestre symphonique de Saint Petersbourg (Russie), l'orchestre Lamoureux (France), l'orchestre de chambre de la bibliotheque d'Alexandrie (Egypte), la chorale de chambre de l'Institut superieur de Syrie, l'orchestre symphonique de Chine, l'orchestre de chambre du Theatre national de Prague (Tchequie), la quintette de [beaucoup moins que] Sinfonietta [beaucoup plus grand que] du Japon, l'orchestre symphonique tunisien- Les ferus de la musique symphonique pourront se delecter des passages de musiciens venus de differents pays.
So, it can be constructed only Frenet quintette on the curve [alpha](t).
A number of local and regional acts also will perform at Riverfest 2015, including Cherokee Maidens, O'Phil, KOPECKY, Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy, DJ Carbon, Big Red Horse, Brandon Lane Band, Tony Ngo, Corriander, Mountain Deer Revival, Adam Capps & The Dirt Road Drifters, DJ Tight Pants, Nouveau Quintette and many others.