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 (kwĭn′tīl′, kwĭnt′l)
1. The astrological aspect of planets distant from each other by 72° or one fifth of the zodiac.
2. Statistics
a. Any of the groups that result when a frequency distribution is divided into five groups of equal size.
b. Any of the values that separate each of these groups.

[Latin quīntus, fifth; see penkwe in Indo-European roots + -ile (as in quartile).]
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1. (Astrology) an aspect of 72° between two heavenly bodies
2. (Astrology) a fifth part of a distribution
[C17: from Latin quintus fifth]
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Difference between moving average and buy and hold returns (MAPs) show positive returns for first three quintiles ranging from 4.53% to 6.73%, whereas last two quintiles show an extreme decrease in MAP returns ranging between -8.18% to -163.33%.
They then divided the PURE participants into quintiles based on their intakes of all seven food types, and found the highest survival rate among people in the quintile with the highest intake level for all of the food groups.
Indeed, when the investigators divided patients into quintiles of ASV, the top quintile in terms of triglyceride variability had a 34% greater risk of coronary events, a 31% increase in risk of cardiovascular events, a 63% increase in stroke, a 65% increase in nonfatal MI, and a 92% greater likelihood of new-onset diabetes compared with patients in the lowest quintile of ASV In contrast, these risks were not significantly elevated in the second, third, and fourth quintiles.
Winstanly served as the executive vice president, chief customer officer, and governance officer of Quintiles Transnational from November 2011- 2015.
For this analysis, we divide the distribution into quintiles, meaning that there are five bins, and each bin contains 20 percent of the population.
The authors divided life expectancy data for 50-year-old men into five categories, or "quintiles," based on income.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 4, 2016-IMS Health, Quintiles Close USD 17.6bn Merger
Comment: IMS Health will own 51.4% of the shares of the combined company; Quintiles shareholders will own approximately 48.6%.
The combined entity aims to improve clinical trial design, recruitment and execution by combining IMS Health's global information solutions with Quintiles' product development experience.
States are arranged into quintiles based on their 2015 state tax scores.
In the 1987 General Election there was only a four-point gap in the turnout rate between the highest and the lowest income quintiles; by 2010 this had grown to 23 percentage points.