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We believe that Quintin Matsys was the BLACKSMITH of Antwerp.
Well, sir, the Artillery gave a ball, and Quintin, of the King's
Let us consider Motherhood: for Isabel's Abuela Gabriela it is "the iron chain with which men tie women down and make them their prisoners" (Ferre 1996: 85); for Rebecca it is a nuisance that interferes with her artistic pursuits--her son Quintin ends up being raised by her servant; for Isabel herself, motherhood is a social statement, as she adopts the mulatto child fathered by her husband and one of the African servants, not simply out of love for the child, but also to challenge and expose the hypocrisy of the island bourgeoisie, which prohibits mixed marriages but encourages the exploitation of women of color by white men.
En anos recientes ha comenzado a conformar nuevos municipios: Playas de Rosarito en 1995 y, como proyectos, San Quintin y San Felipe.
An intuition of this, I suggest, is what led Demand to photograph his "sculptural" models in the first place, and it is also why, in an interview with the curator Francois Quintin in 2000, he was moved to say, "At this point [when the photograph is taken], the sculpture is no longer that important, but nor is the photograph.
In fact, many once were members of the Armed Movement Quintin Lame (MAQL), a peasant group that took up arms against government forces during the 1980s.
Northeast Region: Antoinette Chimento, Lori Howard, Lulette Johnson, Mary Kerin, Rhonda Maclaughlin, Jo Malia, Margaret Martin, Regina Quintin, Curtis Richard, Luis Rosario, Mimi Skeary, Melissa Thomas
Desde hace 20 anos, desde la carcel de San Quintin se dedica a concientizar por Internet a los jovenes para que no emprendan caminos de violencia y escribe libros y cuentos para ellos con extraordinario exito.
The considerable activity in the market has been driven by the shortage of supply coupled with high demand creating rental growth in areas such as the Birmingham motorway corridor of the M6 and M42, said associate Mr Martin Guest, of property consultants Richard Ellis St Quintin in Birmingham.
A wastrel called Quintin Leatham was expecting six years for drug peddling, but got probation.
Quintin, the company also delivers advanced commercial real estate services in the United Kingdom.
The narrator's manuscript, which she keeps hidden, is discovered by her husband Quintin who then provides the novel with some self-reflexiveness.